Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How To Make a Christmas Eve Box

If you are looking for a fun new tradition to do with your family you might want to try the Christmas Eve Box. This is a special box that you give to your child on Christmas Eve as they eagerly await Christmas morning to open their Christmas gifts.

I know that for some of you it might be the first time you have heard of this so I will share some ideas of what you could include.

First off you will need a box, you could get a personalized one (like the ones pictured above and below) or just use a box or bin from your home if you'd like. If you use a regular box you could wrap the outside of it with Christmas paper.

Here are a few you could buy to use every year:

You can find them all HERE.

And here are some ideas that you could include inside the box:

1. Christmas Pajamas

2. A Christmas Movie

See my post on 11 Christmas Movies That Will Bless Your Family

3. A Christmas Book

See my post on Christ-Centered Christmas Books for Young Children

4. Cocoa (packets or in a jar)


Christmas Candy


Stuffed Animal

Coloring Book

Christmas Socks or  Slippers

Christmas Small Toy

Candy canes

Cookie Decorating Kit or Nativity Cookie Kit (or cake mix to make a birthday cake for Jesus)

Christmas Ornament

If you do Santa in your home you can also include;

Reindeer food (oatmeal in ziplock bags to sprinkle out on the lawn)

Santa Key (if you don't have a chimney)

Cookies and milk to lay out for Santa

You can find some of that in this premade Christmas Eve Gift Bag Set here:

I hope that if you try the Christmas Eve Box tradition idea that is a blessing to you!

Do you do a Christmas Eve Box with your family?

What do you include?

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