Friday, November 16, 2018

Fun Games to Play on Thanksgiving Day

Are you looking for something fun to do on Thanksgiving Day?

Maybe you are hosting and looking for some easy and fun games for your guests.

There are tons of DIY kind of games to play on Thanksgiving day but sometimes you just want some tried and true options without going through all the fuss of gathering a ton of supplies and putting everything together.

So we thought we would put together a quick list on interesting games that are sure to bring some laughter and fun this holiday.

Let's begin!

THANKSGIVING BINGO - this one has cards for up to 24 players.

FOOTBALL - get outdoors and get some exercise after all the food!

CATCH PHRASE - we recently played this at a friend's home. It was fun and great for big crowds.

PIE FACE - this one is fun because it uses real whip cream and gets everyone laughing! They also have a few new variations of this game that came out recently.

TELESTRATIONS - this one get gets us laughing every single time!

JENGA - super easy even for kids.

BANANAGRAMS - this family favorite is a classic--they even have a watermelon version.

UPWORDS - my son, Christian, tries to get everyone to play this with him all the time.

PICTIONARY - we used this game at a Christmas party before and everyone spent most of the time cracking up!

DUTCH BLITZ - this is a popular game in the homeschool circles.

APPLES TO APPLES - this one is always fun (but there might be a few cards you need to remove.) If you don't want to do that they also have a Bible version available.

SCATTERGORIES - my kids play this for hours with their cousins (there might be a few cards you need to put to the side).

GUESSTURES - this one is super fun too--be prepared to laugh!

The two following games are ones from the past that I haven't personally tried but maybe you have heard of them. I listed them in case some of you old- fashioned mamas might be interested in giving them a try:


Also don't forget to have a quick photoshoot! Here are some fun festive props you could use:

What are some your favorite games to play at Thanksgiving?

Please share them with us!

Note: This post contains affiliate links--thanks for your support!

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