Saturday, February 17, 2024

How Are We Investing in Our Children's Souls?

Parents, one day our kid will stand before King Jesus and the top priority wont be their:

social status,

bench press,


points per game,



or class rank.

These things are okay, but... 

How are we INVESTING in their souls? 

That has to be TOP priority!

~Shane Pruitt

If you need more encouragement and guidance in this area, you might want to check out our books for the family. 

I will share a part 2 on the topic of how to do this soon!

And sweet friend, do you know the Lord and if you are going to heaven? Please read this to be sure.

If you need help learning God's Word be sure to find a good Bible.

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We hope connecting with us will be a blessing to you! 

Saturday, February 3, 2024

In Case You Need a Friend

Are you feeling alone?

Like you just need a friend?

Well, I made this cup of coffee for you.

Just pull up this old wooden chair and relax. 

I set the table for us.

I hope you like it. 

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Titus 2: Spreading the Kingdom of Christ

"If Jesus is precious to you, you will not be able to keep your good news to yourself.
You will be whispering it into your child’s ear. You will be telling it to your husband. You will be earnestly imparting it to your friend.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Do You Know If You Are Going to Heaven?


Sweet friend, do you know if you are saved and going to heaven or not?

This is the most important question of your whole life.

If you don't know READ THIS NOW!!!

FREE Bible Reading Plans for 2024

Are you looking to read through the Bible this year?

Every year in January my husband likes to print out a Bible reading plan for the family. This year he printed out two different options for the children that he thought they might like. It was funny because the two older boys had printed out on of the same exact plans just a few months ago!

Monday, January 1, 2024

30 Days of Praying for the New Year

When I became a young Christian I had participated in many different areas of ministry trying to see what area I liked best. I remember doing some door greeting, children's ministry, and many other areas but the area that I always fondly look back to is the time when I was part of a special prayer team at our local church.

How to Plan the New Year with Your Husband

If you and your husband like to plan, you might want to make it a tradition to plan your new year together.

My husband and I always like to do this every year and it helps us to address the important things and set a course when life can get busy.

How to Help Your Child Set New Year's Goals

Don't you love a new start?

Our kids do too!

Just how we as adults take time and plan and prepare for a new year it is also sometimes beneficial to help your children to set new year goals as well.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

How to Declutter Your Home After Christmas

Do you take down all your Christmas decor the day after Christmas or do you wait awhile before taking it down?

I have done the both, but this this year we will be turning the tree into a New Year 2023 Tree (we left all the gold on it) and it turned out fabulous. I loved it and so did the kids. It allowed us to keep it up longer and enjoy the beautiful lights. 

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Beautiful Christmas Decor - Jesus in the Manger


Are you wanting to make your decor more simple and Christ-centered this year?

I love this idea that I saw off Facebook from Wild Acres who did a simple Jesus in the manger. 

I had seen this idea before and had thought about ways we could do this at our home. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

How to Bless a Single Mom at Christmas

Do you know a single mom?

Things can be tough for them year around but around the holidays can sometimes be the hardest.

And while they may not always share the struggle they are going through, this is an especially wonderful time to reach out and do something special for them.

Monday, December 4, 2023

18 Ways to Have a Meaningful Christmas

The holiday season is in full swing!

This year I want to challenge everyone to give your family the priceless and valuable gift of the memories of learning to SERVE and BLESS others at this special time.

There are only a few weeks until Christmas....if we plan accordingly there are many things we can think of doing to give our children a special legacy that they will remember for their entire life and teach your grandchildren as well.


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