Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Advent Calendars for Children

One of my favorite memories growing up about Christmas was our little daily Advent Nativity calendar that hung on the wall and being able to open one each day. It is so funny how it is sometimes the little things that can find it's way into the hearts of children.

I still remember the anticipation of being able to open it and wondering what was in them. To me it was just as magical as putting up the tree and getting presents.

I usually try to get one every year for our home.  Let me tell you that one year I bought one that had those little chocolates in because I knew the kids would love it.  Then one morning one of my children (who was small at the time) got up early and ate almost all of them! You better believe that I made sure to put it in a better place safely out of reach after that!

I already got one this year for my kids even though I haven't showed it to them yet. It is those little things that fondly remind me of my childhood.

So I wanted to share a couple today in case you haven't gotten one yet. They have several different kinds than they did when I was growing up. Some have Bible verses and some do not.

1. Round Advent Calendar - this one is circular and has Bible verses inside.

2. Advent Tree - this one has the nativity scene at the bottom of the tree with a pop up calendar.

3. Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar with Nativity Scene - you can fill the boxes with this one

4. Three Kings Advent Tree - these have drawers to fill too

5. Free Standing Advent Nativity - this would be nice to put on a special table somewhere.

6. Veggie Tales Advent - these are made of cloth and you move them from the day to make a  Nativity scene above. 

7. Mary and Joseph Advent - comes with 24 drawers to fill.

8. Fabric Nativity Calendar - these use velcro and each day you take them out of the pockets and create a Nativity scene. 

10. Step 2 My First Advent Calendar - this looks so fun and you can fill it with special surprises.

11. The Story of Christmas - this one comes with story books that you hand on the tree.

12. Peace on Earth Chocolate Advent Calendar - this is like the chocolate calendar like my son ate!

13 Snowy Village Advent Calendar - made of wood and lights up!

13. I know that the Lego & Playmobil Advent Calendars are very popular too where you make a new toy or figure every day. 

Do you use an Advent Calendar at home?

If so, what kind do you use?

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