Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to Find a Titus 2 Mentor

"Can someone help me find a Titus 2 Mentor? I have been all alone with no encouragement or friends and could really use someone to talk to and help me in my marriage and raising my children."

This is one of the questions I have heard constantly over the years in the Christian community and one that has not gone away. Even though we have more technology than ever before there is still a need to connect with a living, breathing, loving, caring, wise Christian woman in person!

I want to encourage all the ladies out there and remind them that the best place to learn about about being a godly woman is through the Bible first--it should always be our first stop when we are looking for guidance. A Titus 2 woman in the Bible is described as:

  • reverent in behavior
  • not slanderers or slaves to wine
  • teaching what is good
  • training young women to love their husbands
  • training young women to love their children 

And to be self controlled, pure, busy at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands so that the word of God is not reviled.

One important thing before we begin--we must remember is that having the Lord is enough. Sometimes we become discontent and "think" we need more than Him and that having a Titus 2 mentor will change everything. We need to remember while these women might be a blessing they can never take the place of the our Lord. He is first and all that we need!

With that said--some of you are blessed in that there are already Titus 2 women around you. When I was a young Christian there were many women in my family and at church who had amazing gifts in serving, hospitality, evangelism, and more. So I learned from them and quietly gleaned what I could when I was around them.

But not everyone has that luxury so I am sharing a few ways today to get connected with a real breathing godly woman to encourage you:

1. Pray & ask God to show you the right person - This is so important--we need His guidance in everything and He knows the right person to direct us too. Don't try to rush the matter but take your time. Maybe God has already directed you to someone.

2. Find out what is available at church - many times there are programs designed to mentor others. The church I went to had discipleship classes and that is where I met my first real mentor. She was an amazing godly woman who I know the Lord guided me to.

3. Talk to your pastor or pastor's wife - if your church doesn't have programs in place try talking to your pastor or pastor's wife. They might know someone who would be the perfect match or she might even take you under her wing herself.

4. Ask a person directly - One year I remember asking an older godly woman to hold me accountable in my spiritual life. I asked her after watching her life for about a year. She said yes and it was a great blessing to me. I am so glad I did not shy away from asking her or I would missed the blessing of her in my life.

5. Get involved - sometimes being a part of a Bible study,  service event,  or church fellowship will help surround you with Titus 2 woman that you may not have considered. This is a great time to meet them, get to know them better and learn about their lives.

Now, the reality is that sometimes these tips might not work and you STILL can't find someone.

Yes, I know it can be that hard. 

When there is no one around don't despair, I went through the same thing for a season and this is what God showed me when I felt alone.

God showed me how to rely on Him solely.

It is also okay to be encouraged by godly Christian women in books or blogs that you find encouraging. There is nothing wrong with that and can be a great blessing! Just make sure that what you are being taught lines up with the Bible. There are many false teachers out there and false information so do your homework.

As a side note, earlier this year we started a Wise Woman Builds Titus 2 Facebook Group as a place for women to connect with each other and build each other up in the areas of marriage, parenting, and homemaking. We also ask each other questions and receive support and prayer. It has been such a blessing and we warmly welcome you to come and join us!

Now on the other hand, if you are an older woman reading this article and know that there is a great need for Titus 2 women then you might be interested in my post How to Become a Titus 2 Woman.

My prayer for you today is that you would be connected to godly women who would encourage, support, teach, and lovingly guide you in all His ways.

How did *you* find a Titus 2 mentor?

Please share below in the comments!

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