Saturday, October 7, 2017

Feminine Fall Favorites: Pretty Florals and Fall Dresses

About every once a month or so we like to share some pretty inspiration from around the web, we hope it encourages you and gives you some fun & feminine ideas for your wardrobe! 

We have always loved florals, even before they were in style! This cute Long Sleeve Floral Pocket Midi dress above looks comfortable and soft!

We also love these Winter Floral shirts that come in all different colors--these come in black and blue, aren't they pretty?

I really love the braided hair here and this color is similar to the first dress in this post!

This Vintage Floral Pocket Midi is gorgeous in burgundy!

Sometimes it is fun to just have a solid color and then accessorize it how you want. I love this color in this Demure Winter Dress.

This blue is stunning!

And here is your classic black--I think I want them all!

Finally, lovely Lilla Rose has also came out with some pretty new Flexi hairclips:

The pretty clothing are only available for a day or two so please make sure that if you want to get them to get it now before they are gone!

You can find them all at the links listed above or by clicking on the image or go visit Jane HERE.

If these deals are already sold out by the time you read this post you can still find very similar floral dresses here and floral tops here.  If you liked the solid color dresses be sure to check these out!

Which one is your favorite?

Please share them in the comments below!

This is part of our Focus on Fall Series:

Note: This post contains affiliate links---thanks for your support!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't find the return policy. Also, is there a number I can call to order? I see two items I'd like to order. Thanks!

Debby in Kansas said...

I love the floral dresses. I wore dresses similar to them in my 20's. My friends & I called them 'Bedspread Dresses' because they reminded us of those cabbage rose bedspreads. I still think they're my most favorite dresses ever! I do wear my dresses a bit longer, to nearly my ankles. I like to wear them with boots and tights in winter because it's very cold here with the ever-present wind.

I love the hair clips but I can't quite understand how they work so I've not bought any. I was hoping to win one in a raffle for a sneak peek, but the luck isn't with me!

Thanks for sharing some lovely fall fashions!

The Artsy Oils Girl said...

I love the floral tops!


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