Friday, August 6, 2010

A Wise Woman Welcomes Advertisers


If you have a product, company, blog, service, ebook, Etsy shop or Ebay store that you think would be of interest to my readers, I would be happy to consider you for advertising.

Why would you want to advertise here at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home?

This blogs reaches:
  • Christians
  • Women/Mothers/Wives/Daughters
  • Married/Parents/Singles
  • Homeschoolers/Interested in Homeschooling
Traffic consists of:
  • 110,000+ pageviews per month
  • 4,400+ Facebook followers
  • over 4,000 subscribers
  • 400+ Twitter followers (new account)
and continues to grow daily especially as I've been asked to contribute at two popular Christian sites which have followings in the thousands. My blog has been listed in the Top 100 Christian Woman's Blogs list for two straight years in a row and has been featured and awarded at countless other websites. I also run an additional blog for homeschooling parents, am a conference speaker, was mentioned in The Informer magazine, and have been blogging professionally for 5 straight years.

Advertising rates are as followed:

125x125 button in sidebar for one month: $75

Sign up for TWO months of advertising for $140 and save!

150x150 medium size button for one month: $100

Same discount, sign up for TWO months of advertising for $190 and save!

(All advertisers get a free post giveaway, read below to learn more.)

Giveaways will include a description of your company/product, picture(s) with website, your Facebook, Twitter and blog links, two posts shared on A Wise Woman Builds Her Home Facebook fan page/ Twitter and the actual giveaway that I oversee. I also promote your social network pages, newletters, and blogs. I like to offer my clients a fully integrated online ad package to really help spread the word out about your business.

If you would like to create a custom package to specifically meet the needs for your company, I would be happy to work with you to achieve the best fit for you and your advertising budget.

These low rates are for a limited time, so advertise with these low prices while you can!

***SPRING/SUMMER SPECIAL*** We are currently offering a special promotion and will offer two additional bonus blogs to advertise on for free on along with this blog. The additional blogs will be my homeschooling blog The Homeschool Corner, and my husband's blog for men, The Male Domain. What a deal! That is three blogs for the price of one!

Payments using PayPal and/or checks are accepted.

We are selective about the advertisements placed on A Wise Woman Builds Her Home and reserve the right to choose who advertises with us.

Please email me at

"Thank you so much for letting me advertise on your website. With the post giveaway and the ad button my traffic has increased by over 40% and we have had several signup for our Patriot's Club. Thank you!!!---Chris Peterson, FortPatriot.comLLC"

CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY ONLINE PORTFOLIO of the many other businesses that have chosen to advertise with us. 


If you would like to learn how to grow, advertise and make money  on your blog, I am available for consultation and coaching for a low price of only $100--to read more about it click here. I am currently making over a thousand dollars on my blog a month and would love to share how I learned to do it. Please contact me at, or you may check out below:

Price Options

Note: I also accept payments (half now and half later of $50) to work with your budget, just click on the drop down menu to access that option.

Thank you so much!


Pioneer Beauty said...

Dearest Mrs. Fuentes,
I am so happy I came across your blog. It is my first time visiting with you and what a delight. I am very knew to blogging and am finding it most enjoyable. Seeing so many like minded believers is truly a blessing. I look forward to visiting with you again and pray your knew journey in advertising finds you well.
Blessings to you and yours
In Christ,

Unknown said...

I, too, have only just come across your blog and am also new to blogging and just wanted to drop a note to say 'hello' and what a wonderful inspiring blog you have!

I love all the quotations you have down the sidebar about wives and mothers!

warm regards

Far Above Rubies said...

June, this is a good idea as you continue to be fruitful with the task of your hands.

May God bless this new endeavor.


June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Ladies,

Thank you so much for visiting and I am so glad to hear how this blog has been encouraging to you. It is a blessing to hear from you all and how the Lord is working in everyone's life. As for the advertising, I am already in touch with some companies who are interested in advertising here. Please keep praying for the Lord's blessing over it all. I am praying for all of you too!

Have a blessed week...

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I will be contacting you as I LOVE your blog and make soaps/beauty products that are ALL natural as I am very passionate about health and taking care of our bodies as they are a Temple.
Thank you for this opportunity. I will be emailing you.
I also appreciate your reasonable prices.

Southern Lady said...

You mention “traffic consists of. . .” I did not know blogspot had had way to number the hits on the blogs. Do you mind telling me how you to do that? I do have “cluster maps” on my blog, but it is not very accurate I don’t think.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Western Woodburner,

You can set up 'Google Analytics'to your blog and it will show all kinds of reports such as top read posts, what sites your traffic is coming from and from what country, and how many vistors, bounces and pageviews you get.

Hope that helps!

Many blessings...

Southern Lady said...

Thank you!


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