Friday, June 2, 2017

How to End the Homeschool Year on a Fun Note

Yesterday was the last day of homeschool for us, we had a great year and added in so many new things and really just had so much fun with it! If you are thinking about homeschooling, I highly recommend it--it can have its good days and challenging days,  but it is definitely worth it!  I wrote a post about how to get started if you are not sure along with video tours of homeschool rooms, and a big list of supplies to start you out if you need help.

Every year we end the year a little different. This year I wanted to keep it simple so we did this:

1. Had a report card ceremony.

This year I opted to print out some report cards (I usually make them myself). I really liked the one I picked because it had included character and not just grades. This helps them to get a better assessment of how they are doing. I also gave a short speech before passing the report cards out sharing about how well they did and praised them for their hard work. I used free printables from Pinterest but some of you might prefer to just buy them or create your own on your computer.

2. Handed out certificates and prizes. 

I passed out all kinds of certificates throughout the year and also during the ceremony. They all get a money prize depending on how many they received. The ones pictured above are from my local dollar store but you can also find some here. 

3. Gave them special treat bag. 

I bought them all a special treat and put in a gift bag along with an invitation card to a special party we planned!

4. Planned a party

The party we planned this year is to go to the roller skating rink. We are going when dad has a day off so he can enjoy the day with us!

5. Dad gave a final speech. 

Each child shared their report card with dad so he could look it over and told him what was their easiest and hardest class. Then dad gave a quick speech about how proud he was, cracked a few jokes, and then encouraged them to keep learning during the summer.

Other ideas (some we have done and others we are planning to do):

  • Take them out for ice cream/donuts or favorite place to eat

  • Invite grandparents over and display some of their work from the year

  • Go to the beach or pool to officially kick off summer break

  • Have a cake or cupcakes to celebrate

I hope this post inspires you to have fun with your last day of school!

How do you celebrate the last day of school?

Share them in the comments below!

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