Thursday, August 20, 2015

Homeschool Room Video Tours: Taking a Peek Inside

One of our most popular posts on this blog that we had done in the past was a post we had on homeschooling rooms to inspire moms who needed ideas on what a homeschooling room might look like--it definitely told me one thing--homeschooling moms wanted inspiration for their homeschooling rooms!

So today we are going to share a few videos and links that we have found of some lovely homeschooling rooms to get you ready for the year or to add to what you already have.

And let me just from the beginning that you absolutely don't need to have a homeschool room if that doesn't fit your needs. We use our kitchen table all the time! We also use our living room, bedrooms, family room, and deck when we want to for reading alone or to get some sunshine. We do have a homeschool room for the kids which helps to store extra things like crafts, supplies, books, games, tables, and more. And we use it when it fits us but most of the time we are in the main room.

Sometimes it helps us if we get to take a peek inside and get an idea of how others do things to make it simpler for us and hopefully there is an idea or two you will learn from the moms below! Just remember NOT to become overwhelmed. Don't compare yourself to them and do what you can with what you have! The Lord is good and provides us with all that we need. 

With that said--let's begin!

Below is Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations and she uses Ikea furniture and accessories for a space above her garage and has some other cute ideas:

You can find her Part Two here. 

Here are more homeschool videos room tours to check out:

Ericka from Confessions of a Homeschooler has a nice wall board for special words to help her children learn them.

Mama Needs Chocolate share her homeschool room when it is not perfectly clean to encourage you and keep it real.

A Place to Rest shows how she organizes everything and where she gets some of her supplies.

Homegrown Adventures is super organized too, especially with her book boxes.

Homeschool Blessings has a Montessori inspired space for her children.

Joyfilled Journey shares her schoolroom that is set up in her basement.

Elaine shares how much of her room was put together on Craigslist and the AS-IS section from Ikea.

You can find many more tours at this link here.

If you are looking to get some supplies on a budget for your school room these might help you:

See our Big List of Back-to-Homeschool Supplies

Whatever you decide to do, whether you have a homeschool room or not, make sure it works for you and choose what is best for your family.

Hope you were blessed by these tours today!

Do you have a homeschool room?

Share about in the comments below!

*This post contains affiliate links. 

1 comment:

jennifer keith said...

Hi! This is our tenth year of homeschooling and we've never had a 'room'. Picture the dining room table always covered in school books and a messy computer desk and you've just seen our 'homeschooling room'. Please don't let those wonderful and inspiring tours discourage you if you don't have the room or money to emulate their accomplishments. I love to see others' efforts but honestly, I've never 'needed' a room. Happy Homeschooling to all the newbies and veterans!


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