Thursday, February 16, 2017

Large Family Tip: How to Save Money on Clothing

When you have a large family you find ways to save money--especially on clothing! I am telling you, that five boys can go through clothes like there is no tomorrow.

First off, they have growth spurts just about every week.

Then when it's time to play, they can play HARD. Jeans get ripped, along with shirts, jackets, shoes, you name it.

So over the years we have practiced a few practical guidelines that we try to implement into our clothing decisions and they have really helped.

Here they are:

1. Pass it down. This helps a lot but I find that since our boys are harder on their clothes that we don't have as much to pass down as we did with the girls.

2. Repair it. I am so grateful my mother taught me how to sew when I was young because I have used my mending skills a thousand times over. I have even taught my children how so they can take over and my boys know how to as well. I know they teach boys in the military to mend, so it is a  good skill for them to know.

3. Be content. We try not to overbuy, especially for space reasons. But still, things can seem like a lot because there are so many children so we try to be careful to practice contentment with what we have.

4. . Use a Thrift Store or Consignment shop. This is a no brainer and there are tons of savings to be had. Often times I can find clothes that are brand new with the tags still on them. We especially like to go on days that they have big sales.

 Sometimes my local Once Upon a Child will have a bag sale where you pay just $10 or $20 for everything you can fit into a bag.

If you like to shop online, you might want to try ThredUP. They are an online thrift store that sells tons of clothing always at a reduced price and have tons of adorable kids clothing!

Lots of them are name brand too like Gymboree, Gap and more. Right now they are offering 90% off plus FREE shipping on items (read here for more details). They also have $4 sales and a Kid's Mall where everything is under $10.

5. Share your need.  Just letting people know what you are looking for can help. I have seen groups even on Facebook where moms are sharing their baby gear, clothing, etc. We would often get bags and bags of clothes given to us (from friends or family) especially when the girls were younger and it was a blessing to not have to go shopping for it and pay extra money.

6. Use online coupons and apps while out shopping. We like RetailMeNot, Groupon, Ebates (for online shopping) and just doing a quick Google search for site coupons. I have saved a ton of money this way and will not check out without checking my phone first. Also get alerts (via email or text) on sales and check flyers to your favorite stores or stores you will be visiting.

7. Repurpose.  If you are the sewing or DIY type then this might be up your alley. For little children this really helps. You can cut regular jeans into shorts, Or make a baby's dress from a big shirt. You can find lots of videos on Youtube to help with that and give you inspiration.

8. Think before you buy. Do you really need that item? Is it necessary? How many do I have at home? Can it wait until next payday? Thinking before buying helps you to not be impulsive and spend when it is unnecessary.

What tips do *you* have to save money on clothing?

We would love to hear them - please share in the comments below!

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Ana Sullivan from The Lost Apron said...

Have a Re-Love-It Day. Not everyone knows how to repair or alter clothing. But when you get the ladies together for a day of repair, you can teach others how it is done. An unexpected benefit is that you get your pile done as well. Read about it here:

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Great idea--thanks for sharing, Ana!

Anonymous said...

I think my best tip is to take care of your clothes by laundering them well. Many families, large or small, just throw in all types of clothes into the same load. Then throw them all into the dryer in the name of efficiency and convenience. Whites come out gray, blacks come out gray. Clothes shrink and become knotty quickly. I have 9 kids and really think laundering well goes a long way in saving money on clothing.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Yes, great tip! Thanks for sharing!


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