Thursday, April 18, 2013

Homeschool Family Sends Six Children to College by Age of 12

I love when I hear positive stories about homeschoolers in the media. Recently, a homeschooling family of 12 from Harding, Alabama, has sent six children to college by the age of 12.

Here is the story:

You can read the article here:

What are *your* thoughts on sending children to college early?

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Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful to encourage children in their passions and interests. I'll bet their children scored a lot of scholarships too considering their academic achievements at such a young age, and so they won't have as much crippling debt when they finish.

This world needs more people who are passionate, who aren't afraid of a challenge. If they are able to handle the courses at 12, I say go for it!

Good for that family for working so hard to provide a good education for their kids. Bravo!

Michelle said...

This is absolutely fantastic to hear! Thanks so much for sharing :) This family's story is very inspirational!

Anonymous said...

I sent my homeschooled son to college at 14. That was twelve years ago and I am so glad we were blessed with the opportunity.

Unknown said...

I love the idea of kids being passionate about learning, however, here is a piece of advice I keep in mind. Don't send your children into public classrooms until they are adults. Keep them at home under godly influence and away from ungodly influence as long as possible. The friend who told me this said that she has seen children raised in godly homes, go to college early, and walk away from God due to the influences of the world. As there are college options from home, I would look into that first.

Leigh Owens said...

I think this is great! I love how the parents are encouraging the children in their passions, but the success is due to self motivation. A friend posted the news article on her fb page, and of course it got the typical "children need to be children" response. But as my friend pointed out, the children choose this by following their interests. The parents aren't "stage parents" forcing their children into a miserable existence.

Anonymous said...

I'm a biology professor at a community college. I have had three homeschoolers from the same family in my classes before the age of 14. I don't treat them any differently than I treat other students. However, I noticed rather quickly in all the classes they were in (three classes total) that most of the other students would have nothing to do with them. I don't know why exactly this was, but I heard one of the kids (the smartest one, in fact) say that she didn't really like going to college and didn't see why she needed to at 13. I believe she ended up with somewhere around a 95 for the class, but stopped attending after that because she didn't like it. I would encourage homeschooling parents who are considering this to not force your child into doing it.

Laura Lane said...

This was intriguing. It doesn't go very well with the Moores' Better Late than Early philosophy does it?

I think I'd need to know more than what we were able to hear on this short clip.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Anonymous said...

I was sent to college for the first time at fourteen and ended up finishing high school at sixteen. I went on to a two year Bible college, then finished and worked for a year. I'm now at a private Christian college finishing up my bachelor's of science next year. :)

I guess I'd caution homeschool mothers to be aware of the environment they are sending their children into. The first college I attending was a secular one, so I was working with a lot of 20 somethings that have very different morals than what was taught at home. Additionally--courses themselves, especially literature, can provide very inappropriate class reading at times and accompanying discussions.

From my own experience, careful the attitude that's being cultivated in the child. I'm ashamed to say I did become rather conceited at one point because of my early "academic achievements." The Lord had to do a bit of heart surgery and adjust my attitude to a more humble one that was willing to go where He sent me. It's possible my mother wasn't aware of it, but I wish she had taken time to remind me that good grade doesn't establish my worth any more than a bad one does.

Neat story though, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that it is true that the 13 year old girl did not want to take the class. I have yet to meet a 13 year old girl (public, private, or homeschool) who WANTS to do their work. You will find that same girl whining about her public school class, her AP class, cleaning her room, helping with the dishes, and everything else. As a former teen girl, and a mom of a teen girl, I can relate. I encourage all parents to force their teen girls to do their work and not drop out of school because they would rather go to the mall or facebook their friends. Yes, I did say force them.


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