Sunday, April 10, 2011

What To Do About College

We have many friends who have not taken the traditional path for going away to college that is expected after high school. In fact, I feel they have taken an even wiser method---using the CLEP tests to gain college credit and degrees in half the time and at a third of the cost. They can do this on their own or use CollegePlus! a program that works with students to achieve this goal. Since many of you have asked about our thoughts on college and since I have a daughter about to graduate I thought it was fitting to share some resources:

College Without Compromise:
An Encouraging Guide to Starting Early, Finishing Economically and Protecting Your Homeschool Vision
This nifty book is a complete overview of the how, why and keeping the vision. A wonderful resource! I got all of these a few years ago and felt I learned so much.

Making Wise Decisions About College and Life After Homeschool
Excellent and addresses many concerns those have about sending their children to college and what they will do with their lives. Really gets you thinking...

Accelerated Distance Learning
The New Way to Earn Your College Degree in the Twenty-First Century
a manual  to get started in and the how-to's of CLEPing

 You can even begin CLEP'ing  while your children are in high school so they get some college credit under their belts early on--and this method is not just for homeschoolers! Many people have used this method achieving successful results around their flexible schedules.

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Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I have two homeschool graduates. I share my experiences here in the hope that it is an encouragement to someone who is at that stage of 'what to do about college'. I'm guessing these courses are for US residents only but there are ways of going to college and home study options for obtaining vocational qualifications without going to the bricks and mortar college in other countries too. My son is studying for a Bachelor's degree via the Open Universities programme we have here in Australia. He started at 16 and is well on the way to completion. The flexibility of studying online worked well for him. He was able to work on the next door dairy farm to pay for his units which you pay for as you go. It is fairly expensive but he doesn't have the additional costs associated with living away from home and he will not be lumbered with a huge debt when he graduates which is the normal experience for most students here. He can also choose to study at his own pace and can choose different units from different universities. It was always his intention to set up his own business (in web design) and he has finished his first project and is about to secure his second client. The clients (local businesses) are impressed that he is studying for a degree so I feel that the qualification will benefit him. He is also putting into practice what he has been learning.
My daughter never had intentions of going to college. She loves cooking but we did not want her to go and work in a kitchen or cafe for someone else. We have encouraged her to set up her own dessert business starting out at the farmers markets and she is in the process of doing that at the moment. She has gained the food handling certification she needed. It took just a few hours of study online! We were amazed at how many qualifications were available online when we looked into it. The other course she attended was a cake decorating course at a local kitchen shop. If I did not have young children I would have liked to attend the course with her! She was the youngest student and all the other participants were mothers and grandmothers. We often assume courses are only offered at colleges but this is not always the case.
Both my teens have taken a different route to the other young people at church. My son is the only one in his age group left as all the other young men have left for the cities to attend college or work. The girls are leaving too and the ones in my daughter's age group are preparing for university. Their parents are encouraging them to leave home but some of these girls when hearing of my daughter's plans are actually saying to her 'I would love to do that - stay home and have my own little business.'

Sarah beth said...

I have a long way to college for my children. But its something I def think about and I love the option for them to be at home. Thanks for all the book recommendations!!!

~Sarah beth~


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