Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Artful Homemaking--Homeschool Preparation

I have been so blessed by Joy over at Artful Homemaking this past month, I love when I find blogs that really speak to me in the area of homemaking and remind me of what I would love to spend my time doing.

I stumbled across her blog when we were having a tough week, my husband had come down with a bug and we had that horrible heat wave that brought storms, knocked out our AC and power and we had to cancel our summer getaway to visit friends up in Michigan. I was tired and her blog was a balm to my soul!

She blogs about many things domestic that you should definitely read, but today I am going to share a few posts that inspired me in the area of homeschooling. I know that the school year is about to begin for many of you or that you are in the planning stages so I though that I would share some posts I liked from her. You can click on any of the images to take you to the post.

So many moms ask how to keep the little ones busy while they are homeschooling their older students. This post has sooooooooo many creative ideas to help a mom prepare for this, I love, love, love all of her ideas and some can easily be made with everyday items around your home.

I can't wait to make this I Spy Bottle!

There is something special about planning a new year and when I read this post, she reminded me of how I like to prepare, she also lists a few helpful resources as well. She also shares tips at this link on how to  homeschool on a budget .

 Here Joy gives us a full tour of her homeschool room and how she keeps it organized. I love all the baskets that she keeps to organize, her nature shelf and so forth. It inspires me to tackle my homeschool room and make it fresh for the new school year ahead.

I love that she has a basket for this that she can just whip out at a moments notice and take to any room it is needed.

I included this because before every new school year I have to organize the toys too! This post is a great visual of how it can all work (for me, I like to keep the bulk of the toys in the basement where they can go fetch what they would like but can be put away for company, etc.). I hope it helps you too!

Now go on and visit her, trust me, you will be blessed! 

(Thanks, Joy, for all the inspiration!) 

And next week we will be covering more ideas for homeschooling so be sure to visit....

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A Lovely Vintage Life said...

Wow! She is so creative! Thanks so much for sharing her site with us all. Have a lovely day & come visit me when you get a chance. Ivy Jane

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Ivy Jane,

I agree, I love her blog. It's nice, neat and practical! So glad you enjoyed it and hope you visit again soon. :)

Many blessings...

Joy said...


Thank you so much for all of your kind words about my blog! I'm totally speechless...you are such a blessing and inspiration to me!

♥ Joy

Bambi @ In the Nursery of the Nation said...

June, Just wanted to say....how kind it is of you to share the sites of smaller blogs on your own ginormous one :) It's an encouragement and it shows your heart for your readers, and your humility. Joy's blog is one of my favorites as well...as well as your own.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...


I love Joy's blog and yours too! Added you both on my Links (blogroll) page not too long ago and glad I found you. You two are definitely a blessing!

Many blessings...

Mrs. June Fuentes said...


Your blog is an inspiration, I am grateful that you gave me permission to share it. Thanks again! :)

Many blessings...

Joy said...

June, what Bambi said is exactly the thought I had. The fact that you share the "smaller blogs on your own ginormous one" (to quote Bambi!), shows such a giving and beautiful spirit! You have totally blessed me today. :)

And, Bambi, your blog has long been a favorite of mine, too!


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