Friday, April 27, 2012

Large Family Dynamics: My Secret Weapon

Large families are a lot of fun--there's always someone to play with, tons of adventure and never a dull moment.

But the realities of large families is that it can be hard work, messy, and sometimes overwhelming.

It definitely helps to set goals for our day and schedule in what needed to be done.

But I have to tell you that while scheduling and planning goals are definitely helpful, I want to share with you my true secret weapon.

It's flexibility.

Flexibility was hard for me as a young mom. I wanted to do things a certain way, run the house efficiently, do things on time...but those things sometimes can prove to be a snare. We can even sometimes want those things so bad that we are disgruntled or sin when things don't go our way.

Here is a good example: It is Dad's day off from work and you have a full schedule. There's homeschool, housework, errands to be run. But the kids have been wrestling with dad all morning and he suddenly decides to plan a family outing instead. You see your whole day flash before your eyes and your schedule down the drain.

Are you flexible?

Flexible enough to even discern what is best instead of what is good? (Going out to spend quality time with Dad is important, schedule can wait.)

Once you learn to master the art of flexibility it gives way to freedom. You are no longer a slave to what you think should be done. It's a blessing to learn this early on and not set yourself too rigidly in always having to live out your "schedule".

Real life is spontaneous and we need to be ready for it.

Are you?


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  1. Great advice! As a young mom this is definitely an area I have room to grow in :). It's funny how stubborn we can be about hanging onto our to do lists :).

  2. flexability is key! Thanks for the reminder

  3. Definitely agree! Lovely pic by the way! :)

  4. Great post! I can honestly say that I have learned to let go of perfection and rigidity and learn the lesson of flexibility. Perhaps, I may have learned it too well! ;)

  5. Wonderful advice that applies whether you have a large family or a small family! :)

  6. Dear Rachel,

    "It's funny how stubborn we can be about hanging onto our to do lists :)."

    Isn't it? Now that I look back, I *was* pretty stubborn. ;)

    Glory to God for making us a new creation--it's always a work in progress.

    Many blessings...

  7. Busymomof10,

    Thanks for commenting--I can relate to your statement:

    "Perhaps, I may have learned it too well! ;)"

    I think with large families we are forced into the situation whether we like it or not. :) I am alot more used to it now than I once was, hopefully not too used to it either. (hee hee) :)

    Many blessings...

  8. Wonderful advice-and I only have two but am teying for another soon.


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