Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 Ways for Moms to Respect Sons

Yesterday I shared a post by Jen Smidt who wrote about 10 Ways for Moms to Respect their Daughters, today I wanted to point out that she also wrote a similar post on 10 Ways for Moms to Respect Their Sons. In a culture that ridicules and mocks men and their leadership, it is imperative that mothers learn how to raise and encourage sons to one day become godly men.

Here is a glance:

What Respect Looks Like

I wanted to offer some practical principles to help show what it looks like for a mom to respect her son.

1. Set Jesus as the Standard

There is no man other than Jesus who demonstrates perfection. You will never go wrong in upholding him as the source, pointing to him as the example, and depending upon him for the answers.

2. Pray for Them and Over Them

You aren’t in control of their lives, you never will be. What better time than now to put yourself in submission to God’s plan for your sons by releasing them in prayer? Mothers have an awesome responsibility to pray for the intimate details that she knows about her son’s heart.

3. Watch Your Tone

Respect is often given and destroyed in the little things. I know the look in my son’s eye when I speak to him with a harsh or shaming tone—it is the pain of disrespect. Speak graciously, kindly, and firmly to your sons.

Read the rest of her excellent article HERE.

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Large Family Small World said...

Thank you for linking to these articles. This is something I'm really working on with my kids, it is not always easy, but I'm learning.

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