Friday, August 19, 2011

Homeschool Room Ideas for 2011

Every year I like to get new ideas for my homeschool room. While the majority of our homeschooling is done at the kitchen table, sofas and even bedrooms we do have a room downstairs that we use for storing crafts, displaying and making our many projects, painting and sewing, etc.

This year we purchased a black Labrador puppy for my son's birthday and the puppy wreaked havoc on my school room.  So this year I will be repainting and replanning this room and attempt to make it a happy space once again. I love some of the ideas below:

Isn't this tent adorable? What little boy would not want this?
By Magical Hands

I like how this uses a small space but makes it feel alive, bright and fun all at the same time. 

If you didn't have a lot of room, you could always just use one of these as workspace.

I like this kids alcove from house to home,
a place for little ones to have their own creative space.

This room is bright and sunny and I love how the students are faced AWAY from eachother, although I think my students would get distracted looking outside those windows! LOL!

What a lovely art room, 
I like the art work lovingly displayed in the background. I had a friend once who would display her children's art work on twine hanging from one end of the room to another using clothespins! It was quite charming!

The globes in this room beckon one to learn...
Pottery Barn

This brilliant mom has a beautiful reading/library room with rain gutter bookshelves. I love the colors in this one and the energy it gives! I am thinking about repainting with these colors...

Reading nook for the kids....

This little escape from Pinterest makes me want to curl up and escape with a good book (especially after a long day of homeschooling!) This could be called the Homeschool Mom's Recharging Nook!

Now, I know most of us just like to do school at the table or all over the house, which is just fine! Don't feel pressured to have to have a beautiful school room in order to teach your children! You can make homeschooling special whether you have a room or not--remember it is the learning and the memories that counts! Learning is LIFE---and can be done anywhere from the couch, outdoors, at the museum, zoo, etc. My homeschool room is used basically as a storage room for craft supplies, a place to CREATE and do major sewing or painting projects, displaying projects, etc. 

You also do not need a big budget to make a nice homeschool space for your children. Look around your home to see what you already have and be creative. You might even be able to repurpose something old and make it something you love for this room.

Pray and ask God to show you!

If you need more inspiration, nearly 300 moms have shared their homeschool rooms HERE.

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Brooke said...

I've been searching for inspiration and this really helped! We have a small home and I soooo want to be able to dedicate some part of it to homeschool. Our house is a Cape Cod, so we have dormers upstairs. Mid-way through our K year (last year) I moved everything upstairs into the two dormers outside the boys' bedrooms and we do it there. It's working for now, but I just love some of these ideas :) Thanks!

jeana said...

We just did our school room, and I just love looking at what others' come up with! Thanks for all the inspiration.

Amy said...

I love that reading nook! It's so inviting.

A family I tutor has a very limited space, and their mother has a table that folds out of one wall for school time with a large world map hanging behind it. I wish I had a picture because it's a great idea.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

What lovely rooms! I don't mind too much that my children are distracted by looking out of windows. We have full length glass windows in our dining/family room where we homeschool and it is the most wonderful learning room especially for nature study! I'm not surprised that they can identify so many of the birds they see flying past. I am very blessed with our home in its forest setting and I always keep binoculars and field guides handy. I do think though that they might be tempted to play a game of Twister on that rug in the same picture!

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

We have been having fun painting the homeschool room light green and light yellow. We didn't go for the orange because we thought it might be too dark since we don't have alot of natural light in that room!

Today we move the furniture back and set up--can't wait!

Thanks for all the comments, friends!

Have a blessed day...


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