Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Raising Sons to Value Good Character

"The greatest investment a boy can make is in Godly character. One may have physical strength, bodily, health, a large bank account, and mental brilliancy, but if he is without sound character he never can become a great man of God. A good character makes a good man. A great character makes a great man. A Godly character makes a Godly man. But it can not be inherited, be handed down by father to son, nor be bought for a price. It must be built by choice and effort. Reputation is what we appear to be; character is what we are. A reputation may be lost in a moment, or in a single act; character will stand the test of time. Reputation is the shadow; character is the substance.

The world greatest need is men of right character on the farm, in the workshop, behind the counter, in the profession, the pulpit and the pew. Great and good men are needed in all walks of life."

This is an excerpt of the book

Personal Help for Boys
Building a Foundation of Godly Character for Tomorrow's Men

by the Pearables that my oldest son is currently reading through.

Many mothers feel it can be a struggle raising sons at times--
God has made them unique and ready to take dominion.

Boys will make mistakes, like all children will,
but we need to share the patience of the Father with them.

And when we make mistakes as imperfect parents,
we need to model humility and ask for forgiveness.

It is my hearts prayer that my five sons will truly learn what godly character is from a young age. While we try to model godliness, have available other godly role models, study and teach them the word of God-- we know that only God can lasso the heart, and that is the case for all children, and it is the prayer for each of my children.

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him."
Psalm 127:3

We need to encourage them daily in doing what is right without growing weary ourselves.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."
Galations 6:9

Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.
James 3:18

Saying a special prayer for all of our sons today...


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Theresa Miller said...

So, so good. Thank you for this resource and encouragement. There is nothing I want more...

Sara said...

As the mother of five boys myself, I know your hearts desire that your sons obediently walk with the Lord, bring honor to Him by their life, and know His blessings in abundance.

Blessings and prayers that you do not grow weary in the task but continue in the Lord's strength to raise up a godly seed.

Mikailah said...

That is a very good book. My mother read that to my brothers when they were younger. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I loved the book from Pearables for boys. We need more Godly men........and Godly men start out as boys.

Lisa H. said...

I, too, have 5 sons, each a unique work of art, fashioned by their Father to give Him glory. I have read many books about raising boys over the years (my oldest son is 18, and the youngest turned 4 yesterday), but have not read this one.
Thank you for this resource and for the post... raising our future men to godly character is paramount to glorifying God and blessing the church.

Candra Georgi said...

thank you for this post

Eve said...

As a mom of 3 little boys, I definitely appreciate you addressing this topic! It is near and dear to my heart, too. I really like the quote you shared from the PEARABLES book, too-- "Great character makes a Great man and Godly character makes a Godly man".

I posted on my blog about some ways we do this currently and are planning to include more character training in our homeschool. God bless!

Chantel said...

I too am looking for ways to instill godly character in my son, who is also the oldest. It is challenging not to grow weary with the same reminders day in and day out. I am taken back sometimes by the things he does that leave me shaking my head.I am always unsure if I am being not hard enough or being too hard. This book seems like something i want to get my hands on.

WomanofGod said...

I'm just having it rough with my 7 year old boy. I don't know what to teach him and how! My relationship with most men has had a negative impact on me. My father, boyfriends and now going through a rough patch with his father. I will pray hard and pray everyday. I need prayers for strength and patience.

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