Monday, July 18, 2011

Encouragement for Discouraged Mothers Battling Illness

Two years ago I woke up on New Years day with a high fever--from that day on began a long three month journey of illness that turned our entire household upside down. I was confined to a couch/bed and could barely walk or speak. The Lord had taught me so many valuable lessons at the time, especially how fragile life was and not to take health for granted. If you are going through something difficult like this in your life, battling with chronic illness or just being sick for a period of time, I know you can relate and I know what it is like. I came across an article from Noble Womanhood that I thought would encourage you.

Jen writes:

"If I can do nothing more than lay in bed I can do it with a good attitude and  a smile for them when they come in the room. I can still provide a happy atmosphere in the home.  I can avoid complaining, I can praise them for the extra work they have to do while Mommy is sick, I can encourage them to be a help to Daddy with a good attitude, I can admire the cards they bring me, I can speak to them kindly. I can point them to the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father and the lessons we are learning through this trial.  I can glorify God and point my children to Him by the way I conduct myself in times of trial and adversity. I can walk with the Lord even when my body can barely move–and it is absolutely imperative that I do so."

Read her whole story here:

Also, if you are struggling with illness--please leave a comment here,
 as we would love to pray for healing for you.


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nikki said...

This was very encouraging! I needed to hear that. I struggle with trigeminal neuralgia. It's an awful, excruciatingly painful condition when it gets outta control. It's kinda like a barometer that God has given to me. When I'm particularly anxious, stressed, not letting go, it flairs up. It's causing me trouble right with the things we have going on. I know I need to take some time to really focus on God, trusting that he will not give me more than I can handle and that I can do all things thru him who gives me strength. We are starting a new business so finances are tight. I'm trying to plan for the upcoming school year, knowing I can't really buy much, at least not right now. I was already tight for time and now with the new business, I'm even busier. I need to be more disciplined with my time (limit non-work-related computer activities). There is so much more and other things that need to be done. All this threatens to overwhelm me.

Linda St. Laurent said...

Thank you for this post. I have gone through 26 vascular surgeries in the past 2 years. It is a very hard time for my family. Each surgery requires 1-2 weeks for me to be in bed. It is very difficult on my children and husband. I have many surgeries to go. Thank you for your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I am dealing with a recently diagnosed heart condition. Until we can figure out what, why, and how to treat I can't do anything strenuous. That means no housework, no chores, no cooking as I get too hot and then sick. My children have been picking up the slack for me but not with a joyful attitude at all. Which in turn makes me cranky.
I really needed to hear this today. I know what needs to be done and how to work on this with my children without getting upset. :) Thank you!

denise said...

I really needed to read your post this morning. I have syringomyelia as well as a vascular tumor behind my right eye. Luckily, I am not bed ridden or on any medications for these things.
On the good side, God has graciously seen me to 30 weeks with a very high risk pregnancy with no complications except gestational diabetes which we are hoping can be controlled with diet. (It's a boy- Gabriel Matthew)

Nicole said...

Thank you for the post! I am struggling with lupus and have been feeling disconnected with other Christians. Very encouraging testimony.

Jennifer N said...

Since the birth of my beautiful second daughter 2 years ago (who started out as a twin), I have been battling post-partum anxiety and depression. More than likely it is PTSD as her birth and the subsequent diagnoses of 2 other children's illnesses and some of my own happened almost immediately after. The good Lord has never left my side and has brought Jeremiah 29:11 to my mind often. We just started homeschooling last year amongst this too. The medication intended to treat the condition has side effects as bad as the illnesses for all of us: moodiness, anger, depression and sleepiness. Praying to be healed soon. It has gotten better as the crippling panic attacks that went with it were gone before starting medicine. Thank you ladies for offering prayer, my only need.

Melissa said...

Growing up, my mother suffered from many illness's. It was hard on me as a child, but I have fond memories of us having "Sunday School" at our house on Sunday morning when mom was sick and we couldn't go! It makes all the difference how you go through the illness.
My mother still has health issues and your prayers would be greatly appreciated. God Bless.

Dana said...

I have battled many "conditions" and surgeries since I had my daughter 6 years ago. Currently, the Lord has allowed me to start working out and even running - which has been fantastic! I also battle trigeminal neuralgia, hypothyroidism and now unexplained vertigo. So some days I can barely function - but God is still good and I know He has a plan to use even this for good. Thank you for the encouragement to still be the keeper of my home. I can still set the mood - and regretably it is usually not a good mood. But, I can remember Phil 4:13 and know that He is faithful to His promises. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I suffer from Kidney stones. Very painful, especially during pregnancies when pain meds are limited.(I passed 19 during one pregnancy, then later had to have them blasted) I take the time in bed to reflect on the sanctity of life and how frail we are, but how the One True Healer cares for all! Sickness makes the family work together and brings us closer. Thank you for sharing!

Lori Alexander said...

I was sick for over 20 years and early on I decided that just because I was miserable didn't mean I could make anyone else's life miserable, especially my children or husband. I worked hard on always being pleasant and smiling at them. All four of my children have grown up and are walking with Jesus. He is so faithful!

Dana said...

It's as if you are in my house listening!!! I have been sick for over 3 weeks. Last week my doctor finally put me into the hospital for further testing. All the tests came back clear, yet today, I'm still running low grade temp and have pain in my right side. I have cried, I have prayed, I have been discouraged. I normally don't post things about medical needs on fb or even send them thru our prayer chain at church, but yesterday after feeling really bad, I decided I needed some back up in the prayer department. This morning, I petitioned my fb friends to lift me up in prayer. So, your article this morning was I feel like, just for me. Thank you dear!!!

cindy said...

My son, Joshua, was killed in November 15, 2003 uin a car accident. My struggles are not of physical but mental. Severe depression, possibly bi-polar.

Your post was of encouragment to me.


Jenfier Harrod said...

I am going though a rough time getting my hormones regulated and my hip healed. I am taking some natural products and they do help but my energy is always down and its hard to keep the right attitude. Thank you for your encouragement. I have some encouraging pages for young ladies and young men: the one for young men:

momstheword said...

What a beautiful post! Last year I injured my back and was in a lot of pain. So much that, in the beginning, I could barely move and couldn't even dress or undress myself without my husband's help.

It was six months before I began to feel a reduction in the pain and a year before it felt healed.

But during that time of doing nothing, I learned that I could feel the pain and not have to whine, moan, complain and make everyone else miserable.

It also really brought home the fact that there are lots of people suffering out there and in pain. My pain was temporary and I knew would eventually go away, but theirs won't.

Thank you for the opportunity to pray for those that left comments and I will join you in praying for them!

God's Girl said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I was blessed and encouraged. I have chronic fatique and fibromyalgia. I am a Pastor's wife with lots of ministry before me. God used you to bless me today. Thank you.

luv2decorate said...

Although I have minor physical issues,I have been in pain yesterday and today and am sitting at work feeling so yucky and discouraged until I read this post and these comments. My heart aches for all these ladies but I am lifting them up in prayer. What faith, what courage, what devotion to our Lord. I don't know any of you ladies but we are all family in Christ and I will pray for each and every one of you. Thanks June for such a wonderful post. May our heavenly Father bless each and every one of you in a mighty way today and always. - Marie

mosey said...

Thank you for sharing this, it is encouraging... I find LOTS of blogs filled with mommies who are running all over, taking their kids to do wonderfully fun things, or redecorating their homes and whatnot and admittedly my blog chronicles those things when they happen too... However the thing I do NOT find is real true encouragement for mommies who are chronically ill.

I have been recovering from liver failure caused by a genetic mutation and stress, as well as an autoimmune problem among a few other issues that some days make it even impossible for me to walk across a room let alone cook a healthy meal for my family.

Anyhow, it is encouraging to see that there ARE other mom's out there struggling through simply having enough energy to shower and can still praise the Lord through it. :)

LeAnn said...

This was a lovely post. When you are ill it is hard to have a good attitude; but if you do I think the positive makes everything easier.
I had a illness for several moments and I tried to do just that be positive and have a good attitude. I can't say I was perfect at it; but I tried. I don't know how I could have survived without a good husband and children that helped me. I think the most important thing of all was the prayers and also priesthood blessings given to me by my husband. I knew that my Heavenly Father and Savior were watching over me.
Blessings to you!

Jenny said...

16 years ago I was diagnosed with MS. I was 20 and thought I had just been given a certificate of death. With this I gave up on life. I gave up on living. I have had battles with urinary incontinence, the inability to use my hands, the inability to walk. Thankfully these battles do not stay for long, just about a couple of weeks to a month at a time. But when they hit, the spirit of despondency has had its way with my heart.

Then about two years ago, after I had been to the church and had been covered in oil and prayers for healing, I was still not well. What had I done? Why was I not healed? I believed. I was walking the walk with Christ, asking my father for a good gift, but I felt He gave me a snake instead.

Then He opened my eyes to who I was. He said, "You are the temple of Me. And you do not know how to love your temple. You are to treat your temple as the most precious thing on earth, for you are. Now, for the first time in your life, live, take care of yourself, show Me how much you love Me by how you love yourself."

I have found my healing, for my heart still needed to be healed in how I valued myself. I needed to see that I was worthy of treating my body as the temple of the Most High God. I live on the phase one diet of I have finally learned how to truly love myself. For the first time in my life, I LIVE, and I LOVE.

Sometimes, for me anyway, it is about learning how to treasure and love yourself. Then and only then do we learn to love to live. I have found my healing. I can ride my bike with my boys. I can type on this computer. I can live, but it is not without a truly repentant heart and learning how to love my body, the temple of the Most High God.

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