Friday, April 29, 2011

Continuing Help for the Crawford Family

 (Kelly's home after the tornado hit)

Dear Readers,

I wanted to update everyone on the Crawford family. First off a BIG HUG and THANK YOU to all those who donated! Wow! We were able to send them $2,221.09 last night! The donations continue to come in and as they do we will send the total out every single night so that the money can be used right away.

Kelly is overwhelmed by your gracious giving and love. With that said, PLEASE keep the donations coming. It is so easy  to think that because others are contributing that they no longer have needs and that is far from the truth. You can do so here in any amount :

Many people have contacted me wondering where to send items (they were able to recover their clothes, so they do not need that right now.) Here is an address---please consider sending a giftcard if you are able.

We thought that some readers who would like to give extra help to their family could purchase from their family business. Kelly is an author of several ebooks, and you can choose from several helpful topics--parenting,homeschooling, financial freedom, health and cooking to name a few. They are very low in price just starting at $4.97. You can also buy all her books as a bundle.

She also has a CD of Scripture memory songs that is just lovely! You can listen to a sample if you click on the link. Please consider making a purchase to help money get directly to their family in the great time of need. The CD is only $10.

These can be automatically downloaded and don't require any extra work from Kelly to distribute. AND lastly I need you to share the word again. We can't do this alone--we need the help of everyone out there and you, do readers, can be part of the team by spreading the word. A reader (thank you, Misty!)has created a button for all you bloggers to share on your sidebars and in your posts that links back to Kelly's site stating how to help. Here it is:

Please also get the word out by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email and anywhere else you can think of so we can help this dear family. You can use the share buttons at the end of this post to spread the word.

ALSO, many of you may have also heard about the tragedy of Tom Lee, the heroic father who threw his body over his children as the tornado hit and lost his life. If you would like to donate to his family or any other you may do so HERE.

Thank you so much for your help--it means SOOOOOO much. The Lord is pleased as He see's us all doing our part to help our fellow brother's and sister's in Christ and to pray for them and their neighbors.

And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; 
or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it. ~ 1 Corinthians 12:26


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Brandy said...

Praise the LORD for He is good!! Continuing in prayer! <3

Amy said...

I put the link on my blog.

Please visit my blog for a link to a very sick little boy.

God Bless

Brandy said...

"If you know any homeschooling family that was affected by the recent waves of harsh storms and tornadoes please have them contact ( the Home School Foundation. HSF can provide some emergency assistance to homeschooling families going through a crisis situation. If you would like to help other families in an emergency, please donate to HSF's Compassion/Emergency Response Fund."

brightlight08 said...

I put the link on the top of my "Bless someone" page. :-)
Yesterday I posted about the incident as well. I can't do anything monetarily right now, but I will definitely be praying for these families, in addintion to what I have already done.

Blessings in Messiah,

rcsnickers said...

Thank you for your videos and donations to the Shoal Valley Creek. I was just thinking the day before the tornado how I need to just buy her scripture cd. I was not sure if
I could with the loss of their home, but thankful to hear I can help in that small way!!!

I will post the donation link on my blog for others to help!


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