Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Be Robbed

Don't be robbed today of the simple joys of life...

Don't be robbed of your home---or angry with those in it, unhappy that things are not going your way or that your husband and children are not how you want them to be. Don't let Satan rob you of your happiness there, making you think that you don't have this or that. Don't compare yourself to others but be grateful for what you have and know they are a gift from the Almighty Himself.

Don't be robbed of your time---don't waste excessive hours with frivolous pursuits such as watching TV, being online, always being away from your home or other idleness that can spring up in a woman's life keeping her from truly caring for the very ones that you love. Guard your time carefully.

Don't be robbed by lies...the world will tell you that  you are wasting your time, that you need to look outside God and your home for true happiness. They will put you on 'their' path and lead you down the wrong paths. Keep yourself immersed in truth at all costs.

Love your children.....

Their smiles, their laughter, their questions, their hugs, their innocence, their smell, their thoughts, their health, their presence, their everything. They are God's gift to you. Care for them and educate them and raise them up in His ways. Enjoy life and share it with them, they are learning about the world through your eyes. What an honor we have been given! You are making memories today---rejoice in your special moments!

Love your husband...

Remember that he is not perfect, he is not  you and thinks differently than you do. He is God's gift to you. Love him in spite of his failings, love him wholeheartedly, extend to him the same measure of love, respect and forgiveness in the strength that has been given to you in Christ Jesus. Do something special for him today. A word of praise or encouragement, a massage, a gift, bake his favorite treat. Most men would die for their women, and we need to love them as our heroes (even when they might feel at their lowest). A noble wife rises up to the occasion to bless her husband with all her heart.

Care for your home...

Only a mother truly knows what is needed in the home. Perhaps the special meal, the socks that need darning, the gesture of love to cheer up a sad heart. Cleaning, decorating, planning, and reading to learn more about homemaking. Busy yourself with these things, and don't think that being home is boring!!!! There is so much to do and your are only limited by your own mind.

We have the blessed opportunity to start the day off as a clean white palette--new, fresh and clean, as we look forward to painting loveliness, creating order and putting our all into the our homes and our families. 

Guard yourselves, dear wives and mamas, 

from being robbed

and live your life serving

the Lord...

"I have come so that they may have life

and have it to the full."

John 10:10


  1. Thank you for your words of wisdom, I needed to read them this morning!

  2. what a beautiful beautiful post!! So much to think about and learn...

    Have a great day!!


  3. Beautiful post! It made tears come to my eyes when I read about our husbands! It is so very true that our husbands do not think the way we do. When my precious husband and I got married, it shocked me that his ideas and ways of thinking weren't exactly like mine! We are, after all, so alike in many many ways! But then it dawned on me that he is a MAN and our Heavenly Father created us differently, each to complete the other since we are DIFFERENT! It makes a difference when I keep in mind that we are not exactly the same. Sometimes we need to TALK about things rather than assuming that each of us knows what the other is thinking!
    He also loves it when I build him up and tell him something SPECIFIC that I love and appreciate about him! Sometimes I just say "I love you" but I can REALLY tell a difference in him when I am specific about something he does or a character trait that I admire. It doesn't take much, does it, to build them up a little bit? On the other hand, unfortunately, it takes even less to tear them down. Sometimes they aren't as "tough" or as "strong" as they pretend they are!

    Thank you so much for your ministry to other wives and mommas!

  4. Great reminder. The world certainly does work overtime to attempt to convince us that our choice to be a homemaker is foolish. It shows the importance of the unfortunately rare Titus 2 Women.

  5. Thank you for the reminder! What a great article :).


  6. A very timely post for me today- I need to be constantly reminded of this because, as you said, I need to immerse myself in truth! Thank you!
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  7. Amen June!! How I find the thief stealing pockets of my time through phone calls, pc use. A timely reminder we all need to hear:-)

  8. Such a beautiful God honoring post, His truth for us is what we need most as wives and mothers.

    Bless you dear one for encouraging us all to be faithful in our calling!

  9. Thank you for this. I've been struggling with unhappiness this week.. just at life in general. I have to focus on what I have, not what I do not. Thank you for the reminder.

  10. Thank you for this post. I just recently started reading your blog. It is such an encouragement to me. Have a blessed weekend!

  11. Thank you Mrs. Fuentes! I needed this today...and every day! :)

    "...don't be robbed today of the simple joys of life..."



  12. "Most men would die for their women, and we need to love them as our heroes (even when they might feel at their lowest). A noble wife rises up to the occasion to bless her husband with all her heart."

    June, this is so incredibly true.

    Beth, thank you for sharing that. Our words can be so powerful to build up or tear down that we don't even realize it sometimes.


  13. Wow! Thank you so much for this encouraging post! It's lovely ♥

  14. Mrs. Fuentes,

    I am glad that I came to visit your blog today, for I truly needed to hear these words. They were so beautiful and heart-felt. These are the words wives/mothers need to hear consistently, so that we do not neglect or take our calling as Homemakers for granted!

    Thank you for posting this today.

    -Lady Rose

  15. Thank you for another wonderful post, Mrs. Fuentes!

  16. Thank you for your words of wisdom June. You are a blessing and inspiration to me as a mother.

  17. thank you for your wonderful and truthful post. I do think, however, that loving our husbands should come before loving our children. Perhaps you weren't listing them in order of importance. I know for myself that is is too easy to allow the ever demanding needs of my children to supersede the needs of my husband which is not Biblical. Our priorities should be first God, then husband, then children and then others. Thank you again!

  18. This is one of the loveliest things I have ever read. Thank you.

  19. Thank you so much for those words of wisdom!!! God bless!!!

  20. I have a flu and my husband got me some medicines this morning. I wanted to spend some (always more then I have planned) time online, but now I sent my husband a thankyou-sms and I´ll try to clean the house before he gets back home instead..
    Thank you so much of reminding me!
    Kind regards from Belgium

  21. I read this post and reminded me of my pastor and teacher who said the same things. It is a blessing to hear similar messages from diferent corners of the earth. Thanks for sharing this blessing! :) -Lucy

  22. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

  23. Thank You for posting this. It is so very true, I know from experience. 11 years ago, I was blessed with a husband and a baby. I let the theif in though. Actually, I don't think I ever let his hand go and that is exactly why my marriage suffered for 9 years and then died. I have been divorced for 3 years now and I can finally see where I went wrong. And your post is Right on! I just wish I would have known it 11 years ago. But there is forgiveness, and I know that I will get a second chance one day.. And this time, I won't screw it up :) Thank You again for your blogs and encouraging words :)

  24. Thank you, June. Beautiful and heartfelt. You're lovely.

    God bless you,

    Praying for you little one. I hope he's doing better. Hugs....

  25. Thank you for this gentle and wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement!

  26. This post was meant for me. I do love my home!! Well at least I will when we move into it.
    But I cannot tell you how many times, I feel sorry for myself because I have to work full time. I want to be a full time homemaker and am believing in God that it will happen.

  27. Sharing this post at my blog it really blessed me today : )

  28. Thank you for sharing and reminding us about not wasting time and making every moment count. Beautiful post.

    Newest follower. Found you via Lessons from Ivy.
    Would love for you to follow back :-)

    Looking forward to reading more.

  29. Thank you. I would like to leave my email
    In this moment a friend who has not given his life to Jesus has been in a very bad car accident, please pray. He has been staying in our home off and on for a month now and he works for my husband. His mother is one of the fist Godly woman I ever met and I pray thta all her teaching will not go void and that he turns his heart to the Lord. Along with finding your website only days ago, my marriage is a small hair ready to break, but I know God sees it as so much more than this moment. Please do pray, that my heart will seek Him above ALL else NO matter what happens. I also ask that you would pray for my husband I have been where he is, I have entertained evil thoughts and the "what if I were just " I would have the peace I am looking for...all the lies saten uses to destroy families and our souls. My husband is made for so much more! My marriage is made for so much more. Yet I have been trying to change it in my own efforts...


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