Monday, January 31, 2011

The Homemaker's Heart

Don't you love Mondays? A fresh start to a new week with all new endeavors excitingly brimming for the homemaker! What a blessing it is to have our own schedules and tailor our days according to how they will best suit our families and their needs.

Now whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, I want you to know that we are all called to be a keeper at home and that every post on this blog is meant for each and every single one of you! Just because you are a stay at home mom doesn't always mean your heart is there and likewise there are many moms who are in a position to have to work and yet their hearts are turned towards and anchored in their homes.

I think what is ultimately important is to remember that whatever category you find yourself in, it is of utmost importance to have your heart in your home. 

You can be a stay at home mom and loathe every minute of it and literally be absent in your home by all kinds of means (talking on the phone, always being online, always being gone and driving around town, etc.).  You can grumble and begrudgingly do the housework and feel like it is menial, that you are above it trying to avoid it. You can be with your husband and children and be completely bored wanting to get away and do something else that interests you.

But to have your heart in your home is something completely different. It is being purposefully available as a sacrifice of love.  It is saying 'no' to those things that can pull you away and steal the very best from you. Oftentimes we don't even realize what is best for ourselves until it is too late.  Being a keeper at home is an act of love, and cultivates a heart of servanthood within us which is a valuable, godly trait. It is something to be prayed over,  and is your act or worship to the Lord as you serve with a whole heart and definitely never menial!

It is truly an honor to do these things! So dear friends, take a good look at your heart and critically analyze it to see if you are truly present or absent in your home. If there are things that pull your heart away from home
be sure to do what you can to guard against it.



  1. "Home is where the heart is.." or SHOULD be. Thanks, June!

  2. Your words blessed me. I have determined to live on purpose in my home today.


  3. Home is where my heart is. I never like to leave for any reason except to go to church and the grocery store.Great post! There's no place like home.

  4. needed this this morning! not just to keep my heart in my home but to keep my heart with the Lord and learn to keep my mouth shut when i should. that's what God is trying to teach ME today. thank you!!!

  5. Thank you for acknowledging the working moms with their hearts at home! That is ME!. :)

  6. Wonderful post! Thank you for the food for thought.

  7. Mrs. Fuentes,

    I truly enjoy being a stay-at-home wife. It brings me much joy and satisfaction! No, I am not always perfect with it, but with the Lord's help, I am constantly working towards enjoying this blessed calling.

    Lovely post, and wonderful words!

    -Lady Rose

  8. Beautiful post. Sometimes I get carried away and forget to be purposeful in all that I do here. Sometimes I get tired and weary and am not available fully as I should be. I love being home and I love being a servant to God in the home and with my family and in any other way He calls me. (like calling me to witness or to help with filling the pantry in the church or other things along these lines) I have always been careful to keep things that pull me away from home at bay tho I do have my times where I do enjoy going to dinner with a friend or even by myself to the grocery store. Your words blessed me today and were so encouraging. Thank you for your beautiful blog and inspiration.
    Smiles, Cass

  9. "It is saying 'no' to those things that can pull you away and steal the very best from you."

    I loved this sentence. How very important!

  10. So very true~thank you for this post!

  11. Wonderful post. Thank you for this reminder.

  12. In all of the blogs I follow, I am the only steadfast, believing but still working outside of the home mom. Sometimes I feel very isolated while trying to juggle working and caring for my home, husband and daughter. By God's grace over the past year (and reading your blog faithfully), I have learned how to accept my role of homemaking even though I work outside of the home, and I appreciate you recognizing that women like me aren't insufficient wives and mothers. Thank you so much!

  13. I'm sitting here trying to drink in these words. It's difficult sometimes when that restless feeling sets in, but I know that I am exactly where God wants me, that I am best serving Him by pouring my life out for these four men of mine. I am praying that I am truly present in my home today.

  14. Wonderful post. You always seem to have something that I need here.
    Thank you. :)


  15. i very much struggle with being 'here' but not. thank you for the reminder!

  16. This is a beautiful post! I believe that having your heart in your home is key to whether or not you ENJOY homemaking.

    It's so important to keep our hearts focused on pleasing the Lord and our families... washing dishes and folding laundry can be an act of worship to the Lord and of loving service to our family!

    As a mother with two young daughters (who will someday grow up to be wives and mamas too), I want my attitudes to convey the heart of godly homemaking. Life at home is not drudgery!

    Thank you for this reminder. ~Kristy

  17. Great post! Those days when I have to leave the house for errands, doctors appointments, etc (except for Tuesday, that's my grocery day), really throw off my whole schedule for the week. I love to be at home!!

  18. My heart wasn't always turned toward my home. After surrendering to what I believed God was asking me to do, the words of this post have become so true to me. Being a keeper at home is a genuine blessing.

  19. Thank you! That was very encouraging!


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