Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's All About Fall

Fall is right around the corner and I know that several of you have already decorated! I enjoy the change of seasons and love the coziness that fall brings. It is fun to pull out the fall wardrobe and shop for new clothes and fall also ushers in exciting events like apple and pumpkin picking and baking, and so much more. Fall is the season before Christmas and I LOVE Christmas. One of the things that I also like to do is decorate first for the Harvest and then it evolves to a more Pilgrim/Thanksgiving theme. I love this picture above from Dining Delights, she really knows how to decorate for fall! I also like to keep decorating simple. Here are a few articles I wrote in the past about fall for you to enjoy:

Last year I had even stumbled upon a post where a woman had decorated a beautiful Christmas tree for fall! It was glorious! It was adorned with regal pumpkins, shimmering gold ribbon and lights, crisp autumn leaves and more. How I wish I could find that post again to show you her magnificient work! I learned last year from Warm Pie, Happy Home that you can decorate using fall leaf garland on top of Christmas garland for a fuller effect--we loved that idea and got lots of compliments from visitors in our home. Don't forget to also add a string of lights to your garland for a glowing warm and cozy feel!

We are so blessed as mothers to create such wonderful memories for our families during the change of seasons. This will become part of their childhood memories forever. The smells, the decorations, the food,  the fun and games. Let's take seriously creating wonderful memories for them that are full of love that they can look back upon with fondness and draw their hearts always be drawn closer to home...

This year, I would like to really embrace fall and enjoy and savor every moment of it. So for the first time on A Wise Woman Builds Her Home I will use a McLinky so  you can add your post about fall here. Anything about fall is good, you can show how you decorate your home, your thoughts about fall, clean your home for fall, how you do school in the fall, fall crafts, fall recipes, family trips in the fall---EVERYTHING!

(no posts on Halloween please)

So go ahead--add your post and don't forget to link back so that others can join in the fun too!


  1. This is a beautiful post (love the pics)! Isn't this such a wonderful season which ushers us into the holidays. Hooray for Autumn!

  2. Hey, I was wanting to know if you could do a post I have a huge giveaway 3 prizes, (1 from Christa Taylor) going on until tomorrow night (Tuesday) until 11:59pm I was wondering if you could do a post! thanks ALOT! :D http://modestyisnext2beauty.blogspot.com/2010/08/giveaway-and-details-starts-now-d.html

  3. Ooo, I love this post! Fall is my favorite season! I live on the West Coast, so I was going to wait until the official first day of fall, but I'm jumping on the fall blogging bandwagon now! Thanks for this post, very fun. :-)

  4. Dear June,
    OOOOHHH!! I love this and the picutres are so inviting..I can just smell all the Yummy Spices and Fragrances of Fall...Unfortunatly I can't get into the Fall Season like I would like to...Just yesterday we were up to 100degrees and today is supposed to be the same...So if you could sip a nice cup of Fall Spiced Tea for me that would be great..
    Have a Blessed Day

    In Christ

  5. Very inspiring for the fall time. I like the pumpkins very much.You'r blog is amazing! :)

  6. Mrs.Fuentes,
    This is without a doubt my favorite blog. You have been encouraging me way before I started blogging. Thank you for letting the Lord use your talents in such a meaningful way. "It's All About Fall" was a fun post. May God continually bless you and your family. - Debbie

  7. What a great idea to give us fall decorating ideas! I can't wait to see what others post!

  8. I also enjoy the fall! This year we are canning tomatoes for the first time and hope to make some new apple items to can! Oh and I hope to get a quilt finished as well!

  9. Thanks to all who shared! I learned so much from you all, was inspired and enjoyed checking out your blogs! Link-ups are great because they give your blog some easy exposure,traffic and future readers. Have a blessed day and we will do another link-up soon!

    Many blessings..

  10. I'm a little late in the game. There are some beautiful entries! I Linked my"Autumn" post. Love this season!

  11. Fall is my most favorite season. Thanks for doing the linky party--I'll really enjoy looking at other blogs about fall!
    One thing I love is the way your pictures show large groupings of similar items. This is what I do. I think it makes a great impact and looks really pretty if you put 30 pumpkins on one table!
    Oh! I just realized I blogged about a fall doily I'm making. I think I'll join your party!

  12. Thank you for hosting the link up. What a great way to connect with others and foster an appreciation for the beauty of the upcoming season. I have enjoyed visiting other blogs that I may not have known about before the link up. May the Lord bless your day!

  13. I just wanted you to know that I love your blog and I decided to award it!!! You can accept your award at my blog, The Domestic Jock!!!! (www.domesticjock.blogspot.com)Thank you so much for such an inspiring blog!!!!

    Ann Marie

  14. Dear Ann Marie,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to award me! You are a blessing to me as well as all of my other readers. I truly value each and every one of you!

    Many blessings...

  15. Hello! I'm collecting fall themed blog events to add to my squidoo page:


    ....and I was wondering how long this linky will be open so I can post dates with it? If you could e-mail me at ecarian at yahoo dot com or leave a comment on the botoom of my squidoo page, I'd appreciate it.

    Also, I have some fall coloring pages that I plan to put up on my blog soon. They are just leaves and don't have anything directly to do with Halloween, but I did mention you could give them to trick-or-treaters. Would it still be ok to post that?

    Thanks so much!

  16. Hope you don't mind...I went ahead and added it.

  17. Dear Gale,

    Thanks for posting, I like your leaves! I haven't had much time lately to connect but glad that you shared anyway.

    Have a blessed week....

  18. Loved this idea, June! I went through all the images (I'm a challenge-gifted decorator) and copied the ones I liked into a special folder. Now I have some awesome ideas! Thank you! I can't believe I'll actually look like a pro. I hope you can do more of this, especially before Christmas.


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