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Christian Moms Speak Out Against Twilight Saga, New Moon and Eclipse

Not too long ago I did a "review" of Twilight and wanted to share some of the excellent comments that were sent in. I think it is so important for mothers to really think through some of the issues regarding the Twilight series including New Moon and Eclipse because of the influence and teachings of these movies are more powerful than we think.

Here were some of the excellent and thoughtful comments:

"What scares me are the MOTHERS who are addicted to this series! What example are they setting to their daughters... ..the Twilight books and the like are unsuitable for we as mothers as well. So many times I have thought "oh this movie or that book is fine for me to read...I'm an adult and can control tempting thoughts, etc..." but that's just fleshly nature taking over! and I have to admit, with all the hype these books have been given, I've been tempted to read them myself. Thank you for this post was a gentle reminder of what i need to be doing for my daughter, and also for myself!"

"The enemy is a liar and he is romancing our children. It is incredibly dangerous and wicked. However, the enemy is a master schemer and it his way to deceive and make us think there is nothing wrong with these types of films."

"Finally a Christian woman with some sense in regards the whole vampire culture. I have seen ADULT Christian women and mothers blogging about this series. They are reading it, enjoying and reviewing for the public. Their children are reading it. Their teenagers are watching the movies. I don't understand how can Christians be so deceived."

"I am blown away by what Christian parents allow their kids to watch. We not only guide our children's choices carefully, but we teach them that everything is seed, and has to be evaluated accordingly as to whether is it negative (weed), neutral (clutter although not damaging), or beneficial. Also, we teach them that as adults, they will not be immune from seed that is planted in their hearts. Our hearts are soil that produces a crop. We have to watch over our hearts our whole life."

"A little seed will affect you, and a lot of seed will direct you!I have had many moms, 'Christian' women, not only defend their viewpoint about these books, but encourage other Christian moms and daughters to read them. It's the inroad that many occult-leaning writers have been looking for. It's the way to infiltrate Christian groups, the arena they've never been able to get into with any great success... until now. My husband says using a book like one of these to teach whatever good might be in it is like fishing through a dumpster to find dinner. It might be there, but how good can it actually be, and at what cost?"

"It certainly is sad that so many are deceived and allow their little ones into the world of deception as well.Letting daughters read these books (much less see the movies) is just inviting them to rebel, lie, defy their parents' and community's values, and succumb to lust."

"I have been really concerned at the number of Christian women I have seen reading these books and watching these movies. They promote so much evil it's hard to know where to start. This series basically encourages girls to fall in love with evil men and thereby put themselves in danger. We need to wisely avoid this kind of literature!"

And to top it all of---I could not believe my eyes when I saw this:

"My husband recently entered into a kind of debate with a youth pastor who took his youth group to see the New Moon film recently. We could not believe that a church would condone its youth being led to view this. The youth pastor told my husband that the children were mature enough to discern for themselves and that it was harmless fun. We, of course, disagree. As a child, I was allowed to read and view things similar to this movie and it influenced my perspectives as an adult that I later had to repent of. It simply did not help me have a Biblical foundation and caused me to falter later in life. It is sad to me that adults view children as "little adults" when they are actually in desperate need of training on matters such as this. It really breaks my heart."

Thanks to all the mom's who shared, to read plenty more of the comments click here. If you have any thoughts on this topic, please share them. I would love to hear them!


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Traci Michele said...

I have here:

Thank you for drawing attention to this hot topic!


Anonymous said...

I am constantly amazed at all the 'fuss' about these books. I have never read them, and I never will. I am 14 years old, and I want to keep my heart pure. Besides all that, like Traci said on her blog, HE"S A VAMPIRE (for crying out loud)! Why on earth would girls go gaga over someone who can kill them (or turn them into a vampire) at any moment! GRRR! Makes me mad. My friend and I were joking about how weird (and dangerous) Twilight is, and she quoted from the book (though she has not read it either, we both have heard about it) she said 'so why do you like him?' 'He sparkles' and my friend said (mockingly) "Oh, he sparkles!" It was funny. Anyway, Thank you for posts on Twilight. I send them to my friends (some who are adults) who enjoy them. I even know a mom who reads it to her daughter because the book is over her reading level! sad...

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

I really enjoyed your recent post with the Mark Driscoll clip. You both are spot on. This material is trash, plain and simple.

Our children do not yet have the discernment skills to choose what is best for them.

Whenever we go to the library I go through each and every book my kids want to check out. Last time the "no" pile was way bigger than the "yes" pile.

Thank you for hosting such an important topic..again. :)


Heather said...

I think it is great that you continue to post about this. The Twilight series is garbage. Our Pastor has a saying garbage in garbage out. I think these fall in line with Romance novels and Christian Romance novels equally as dangerous. I have heard many sad stories from women who get caught up in romance novels and the damage that they do to their perception. They tell a very misleading story to young girls about love. I won't let my daughter anywhere near these things ~makes me glad that I prefer classic literature :D ~Heather

Lisa said...

I so appreciate this post. I have been thinking about it a lot and have been thinking about blogging about it as well. So many Christians are into these books, and I think it is really too bad, not to mention the fact that they are targeted at our YOUTH! Why would we read about vampires and their love affairs? When I think of vampires, I think of witches, night time revelries, blood, and other dark images - not what we are supposed to be thinking about! If you look at the covers of the books alone - the black, dark, bloody, weird-eyed images - they speak of the nature of the books themselves. Again, thanks for posting and for taking a stand! It's nice to know I'm not alone! Blessings!

Brenda Doolin said...

YES it is very scary about how older women are so into this series. I find it shocking to hear them rant about how they would love to get friendly with the teenage boys in the stories themselves. Everyone is disgusted to hear of all of the recent female teachers who have had intimate relationships with their young male students. But what is the difference between that and what these moms are doing? They are lusting over young boys in their minds through this series. I've been told to watch it so many times but I just don't care to. Two scriptures come to mind. One is found in
Job 31:1 and the other is Deuteronomy 18:9-12. Those two should be enough for any Christian to DESIRE to stay clear of this and any other book which focuses on the occult, witchcraft, vampirism etc. It's all about Holiness and desiring to Please God.

Anonymous said...

Hey. My name is Emily and I am a 16 year-old Apostolic girl, who loves God with all my heart. When I was 14 I read the first Twilight book, behind my mother's back. She had never said anything about it, but I KNEW it was wrong, and I did it anyway. Then a Commercial for the movie came on one night when my family and I were watching a movie, And I said I wanna see that. My mom told me flat out no! We had a discussion about it that night and she told me after I prayed about it I could make my own choice. Well I quit reading it. I didn't think there was anything wrong with it, but I knew if I didn't quit my mom would be disappointed with me. (I HATE that) Anyway a few months later I was talking to my brother about it, and he told me about a dream he had... In his dream he knew he was in the presence of God, and God said to him, you have a question. My brother instantly knew what God was talking about, so he asked, "What is up with Twilight?" Then God showed him a demon. My brother told me it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen, beyond ANY horror film. God told my brother it was the same demon that was used to write Harry Potter, but too many Christians shut it down automatically because Witchcraft was a red flag, so the demon decided to go more subtle, so he helped write the Twilight series. After that I was convinced... from then on I HATED Twilight. I got on the internet and found scripture to back me up, and I created a page on Facebook!/pages/Christians-against-Twilight/270941460688. I had a lot of opposition about this page, and it has caused drama between me and my friends, church members, and even my best friends. I teach a class in Kids Church which is ages 10-14, and I felt pulled to give scripture about Twilight. (It REALLY pulls at that age group) I had another lesson planed already I God kept pulling me to this, so I taught it. The kids really understood what I was saying, and changed the way they thought about it, but not all the kids were there that week. Well since then a lot of parents are mad at me for teaching "my convictions" and they think it wasn't my place. I didn't say Twilight is wrong, I just gave information so the kids could decide for themselves (after praying about it.) the devil is fighting me hard about this, and I hadn't been on this page in a while after all that drama, so I got on and was overwhelmed at the growth and response to it. I had several people that just came on to debate, and to condemn us, but then I had people backed this page, with scriptures and articles and research! So keep going, there are others who feel the same way as you! And thank you for taking a stand.

God Bless Those Who Bless Him,
Emily B.

Chelle said...

I agree! We have had some teens in our church reading them. And the pastor thinking it's ok. That's one of the reasons we are leaving the church I don't want "Christian teacher" telling my children that's its ok to read and watch those movies. thank you for posting this. I am totally against anything that is of Satan. I would never read them.

The Momma Chronicles said...

Amen. And amen again! I posted a link on my blog, hope that was alright. This is just no laughing matter. Just like Halloween, we've been deceived into thinking it's alright.

Emily B. - You, my dear, are an inspiration. Keep marching, hon. We obey God, not men. I'm so proud of you! I will pray for you!

Suzanne said...

I don't have cable tv and I was looking through the tv guide in the Sunday paper and I am surprised at all the vampire themed shows on. There must be quite a large audience. Sad:-(

I think the most popular argument I have heard in defense of the Twilight movies is that it is "teaching" the kids abstinence. What??? Teaching abstinence while watching two teens lust after each , I just don't get that reasoning.

Jenny said...

I just wrote about the attraction to the dark that so many are drawn to... I love it when God keeps giving me a theme for what is in my heart. Thank you for posting this. The Twilight series is the book that I was thinking of when I wrote my last blog, I just did not write the title of the book in my blog... This is a big one for so many girls, and this is the kind of thing that is drawing so many to cutting and other self mutilization.

Anonymous said...

Emily B, Praise God for you.

My little sister (now 21), was allowed to read harry potter (my parents raised us Christian - I think!) Now, she has turned her back on Christ, she claims to be a lesbian, and is into all the 'dark' stuff. This stuff is NOT harmless, it is evil, and I thank God for strong saints like you and Mrs. June for posting strong convictions.
I pray many Mumma's will see it, and repent....Oh to save our children.

Michelle said...

Some Christians hide behind the "fantasy" and "fiction" guise and say it is not promoting witchcraft or anything related to the occult.

I suppose if you wanted to really dissect it, they would be right, since vampires are a fictional character.

So, let's go with what scriptures it does clearly violate: immorality, obsession, a draw to that which is evil, the idea that we can gain immortality through our own means, violence, idolatry, etc. I could go on, but ultimately it fills our childrens' minds with everything that is opposite to Philippians 4:8.

Highlandview said...

I am very proud of my kids for never being drawn to Twilight. I think the most dangerous things in life is when evil is portrayed as good. One of my teenagers is extremely upset that some classic books have been re-written lately with zombies and vampires as characters (ex. Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, etc.)

Rebekah said...

It probably will sound extremely judgmental and terrible for me to comment this way, but I only intend to be helpful. I read in other people's comments how they aren't sure why so many Christian people are into these books. The Bible makes it very plain that many who claim to be Christians, are not. Even one of the twelve was "a devil" as Jesus said, so this can even be people who are leaders in a church. Lost people do not have the ability to discern spiritual things. The Bible also says that just because someone believes in God, it doesn't make them a true Christian. "The devils also believe, and tremble." I bring this up because I grew up going to church and youth group, and there were a couple of others in the youth group (who were the obvious stand out favorites of the youth leaders)who the kids knew to be practicing witches. They would tell you they were Christians too, and just did both because it was fun and exciting. Be careful what you call good. The Word says God hates it when people call good evil and evil good. These books and movies are purely evil, but the Devil himself transforms into a minister of light, so it is no marvel if his workers also come across as good. Sometimes you CAN tell a book by its cover. Parents might be saved, but letting these things into your home is a direct invitation for Satan to play in your kids lives. Read the series 'Who's Watching the Playpen' some of the examples are throw backs, but the principles are godly and still apply. Thanks for addressing this topic!

Denise said...

I read the comments and to be brutally honest I don't think it's very fair to do a "review" without even have read the book. It would be like me doing a review on Halo Reach or World of Warcraft when I have no idea what they are about. So before people say they are "reviewing" something they should ACTUALLY read whatever they are reviewing!
BTW- I have not read the books but I have seen Twilight (the movie). really didn't do it for me.

Maria said...

I've read the entire Twilight Saga. I've read the author's website. One of the things she is proud of is that Bella and Edward do not have sex until they are married, because it's inline with her Morman religious views.

Ok. That's good. Great even. But the rest of the story is not. Bella makes out constantly with Edward whenever she gets the chance, he stalks her every move, has his family stalk her, and money has no meaning to the vampires (they are rich beyond belief because one of them is psychic and uses that power to see trends in the stock market). When Edward leaves she becomes catatonic, then leads Jacob on in a horrible way,(showing she needs a man to be normal), wants to have sex with Edward constantly by the third book, and the fourth is really beyond belief with them having a baby.

It's about love, but what kind of love is this? Stalking? Being in love with two "boys" at once? I could go on and on, about what how wrong this is, but I wouldn't any young teen thinking this is the way love is suposed to be. It's just wrong.

Marisa said...

I think Heather brings up a good point. All romance literature is worthless, even Christian romance, Jane Austen etc. Many boycott Harry Potter and Twilight for the occult/witchcraft aspect, but why are so many Christians still into Narnia movies with the demonic looking beasts, and dark magic? It's a matter of being consistent, and not just a knee jerk reaction to something that is currently big in pop culture.

Anonymous said...


I am a daughter of the living GOD, YAHWE ELOHIM.
I don't even listen to secular music or even watch movies. I have no deisre to, I'm not restraining myself cause it's "spiritual" or "right".
I have to admit though, not having read a book or seen a movie (not planning to either) that this Twilight saga strikes a few vulnerable chords in a young lady's heart. That is the DANGER. To be fought for, desired etc and this by which happens to be a very attractive(looks wise) "good" person/vampire. NOT that I'm attracted to vampires or evil at all!
I have been going through terrible heartache and this left me really vulnerable. I was only reading reviews on Twilight and before long it grabbed my curiousty! Before long I watched a trailer of only one minute and I was shocked and upset at how something so evil could struck a desire, emotion in my heart..and then I think of the Scripture "do not awaken love before it's ready"..and the deep desire daughters of ABBA have to be "saved" by a godly man from evil. to be desired, persued and fought for.

please hear my heart in this I oppose and shun all forms of evil I'm just trying to show what we are dealing with..the enemy is not stupid, he knows the desires locked up in each of our hearts, desires placed there by ABBA and he comes and "stirr up" these desires and gives a alluring "solution", "option" to in. (In my case just thoughts popping up in my head)
By ABBA's grace I'm able to SEE this, but if I had this emotional "awakening" in a very bad way(makes me yearn for something outside of the current season)what is it doing to unsaved young ladies out there..? :(

Gloria said...

I saw this and thought you might like it...

Anonymous said...

I am in a place of confusion right now and am seeking wise counsel. What is your opinion on the Harry Potter series? I can be reached at

Thank you,

~Brandy. <3

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Brandy,

Look in the comments section of this post:

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me.

Many blessings...

Anonymous said...

Well, I know I am very late in responding on this but...
I'm really glad to hear there is still some sanity among Christian women! I'm not a mom but I agree with the original post and all the comments! I have 2 Christian friends, in their 50s, who are moms and love the Twilight saga movies. They can't wait to see the newest one. One of the women is married to a saved Jew and they are missionaries who reach unsaved Jews. The other is married to a saved Jew who leads Bible study. I am also a saved Jew - a Hebrew Christian. They are well versed in the Hebrew roots and Jewish life of the Messiah/Christ.
The reason I bring this up is that since they've studied the Old Testament more than most, they should know that God forbids the drinking of blood. And when the sacrificial system was in force under the Mosaic Law, God made the Levitical Priests drain the blood from the animals before they were given as offerings. The blood was only used in specific ways by the Priests as instructed by God. And the Israelites were never to eat animal blood with the flesh:
Deuteronomy 12:23-24 - Only be sure not to eat the blood, for the blood is the life, and you shall not eat the life with the flesh. You shall not eat it; you shall pour it out on the ground like water.
Even though we aren't under the Mosaic Law anymore I take what God said about this as still meaningful. Especially when we see the enemy use vampirism as a way to entice us.
I agree with a previous poster who said older women are lusting after much younger actors playing the male vampires.
Thank you God that there are other females who have discernment. I'm glad I'm not alone :-)
God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

I find it typical and sad that most people claiming to be Christians either do not take seriously or have not read the books Genesis and Exodus.

Clearly the Bible talks about creatures that are not human men having sex with and children with human women. Exodus is clear about allow other gods into your heart, staying away from the worship of them and not to drink blood.

This isn't harmelss enteretainment, it is bait for the lost.

Jesus was quite clear that the last days would be the same as the times of Noah. The flood was for a reason, anyone who doesn't know exactly a fool.

Clearly, the romance is hot and heavy between human women the devil.

And foolish women are dragging their daughters to hell along with them.

In LOVE, we are to grab them from the fire.

We all need to ask ourselves "If Jesus hates it, if God hates it..why do you do it, look at it, read it, listen to it?"

Harry Potter was kindgergarten and elementary school, this is middle and high school. I hate to see college.

A Sister in Christ


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