Friday, November 6, 2009

Twilight--A Christian Mom's Review

Twilight has taken the nation of teenage and preteen girls by storm--glossy posters fill movies rental stores, bookstores and even family friendly places like libraries. Another seemingly harmless movie for our young ladies it seems---but so far from it.

As mothers who watch over our homes, we need to always be careful about what we put before our children. I personally am very picky about any reading material or movies that I place before our children and Twilight will never be one of them.

I am alarmed to find that even Christian mothers are not careful about such things. They do not realize the repercussions of putting such unfitting literature in front of our daughters as not only time-wasting but it also sows harmful and unnecessary seeds in their lives to desire things which they should not.

A Christian young girl/woman should not be fantasizing about intimacy with a vampire. They should not be lured into the sexual, lustful temptations intertwined with occultism. This is wicked and evil and even worse, parents should not be promoting it. Daughters are easily deceived and can carry much naivety in the romance department--why tempt them in the ways to fornication? They should not be wasting their precious time on such unnecessary and harmful literature and films. These are the precious and important years of their youth. How can we use this time better?

This is a wonderful time to teach our daughters femininity and the Word of God. It is a time to educate them biblically, academically and domestically. There are so many woman today who cannot cook, sew, know their Christian or historical roots. They cannot balance a checkbook, manage a home, or know how to care for children. We should be using these years to teach them life skills and godly character. We need to teach them servanthood and be busy in serving those close and far from us. We need to teach them to be prayerful. These are the things that will benefit them. We should give them literature and movies that promote such and not waste our time on movies that will lead their minds away from purity and godliness. This will take prayer and time examining entertainment materials from the parents but in the long run, well worth the investment. Here is our measuring stick:

Finally, brothers, whatever is true,
whatever is noble, whatever is right,
whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable
- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -
think about these things.

Phillipians 4:8

This is why Twilight is banned from our home among other similar writings/films. My prayer is that as mothers and fathers that we would closely examine any material we put before our children and weigh it's benefits and not just follow the world in its patterns and desires for ungodly entertainment.


  1. Amen! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this post! I have felt this same way - and have been saddened by the way that our world is turning in the teen department of books. I went to Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and was so sad to see the rows of magical and vampire like books. I couldn't even find "Anne of Green Gables." It is too sad! Again, I APPLAUD you for this post! :) Have a glorious day! I so enjoy my visits to your blog!

  2. What scares me are the MOTHERS who are addicted to this series! What example are they setting to their daughters?

    Thank you for putting into words what I have been thinking about this.



  3. I usually lurk around these parts and LOVE your blog. Not being a mother myself (yet) but being and educator of the smallest ones, I love your writing and topics.

    I had to delurk to comment on this post because you hit a hot topic for me. I enjoy these an adult. When I began reading them, I got to the second chapter of the first one and told my husband, "Our children will NEVER read this book. I can't believe that this is a 'teenage' rage right now. There is no way our children will be allowed to even touch it."

    When my 10 year old goddaughter told me she wanted to read them, I immediatly called her mother and told her why she shouldn't. She hasn't read them.

    These books are not well written from a literary stand point and they are pure smut; especially as you delve deeper and deeper into the story.

    These books should be put in the adult section, period.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with you!!! And I feel I should add....the Twilight books and the like are unsuitable for we as mothers as well. So many times I have thought "oh this movie or that book is fine for me to read...I'm an adult and can control tempting thoughts, etc..." but that's just fleshly nature taking over! and I have to admit, with all the hype these books have been given, I've been tempted to read them myself. Thank you for this post was a gentle reminder of what i need to be doing for my daughter, and also for myself! I am always encouraged when I stop by your blog!:)

  5. I couldn't agree with you more! Many young girls in our church have read all these books, they were even in the "white elephant" last year at church - PTL my children don't even know anything about this series of books! I would disagree though that libraries are family friendly places, a number of years ago a man exposed hisself to our oldest daughter, inside our local library, and she was just a few feet from us and we could see her, but not this fellow. It made me so upset (obviously) the local police told us that the library was not the safe child friendly place we thought and that many criminal types hang out, we live in a suburb to a big city.
    Thank you for your review of these books as they (don't) relate to a Biblical upbringing.

  6. Thanks for this timely post! Although I don't have any pre-teens or teens (or any girls, for that matter!) I know plenty of moms, even Christians, that are letting their daughters read these books/see the movies. You are right, this is not appropriate for young ladies.

  7. How ironic! I've just been posting about Twilight, too! Please see what you think (if you have time) of my views?

    Thank you so much!

  8. I have seen many books in the book stores and such regarding the "Twilight" series, but never knew what they were about. For some reason, if a book (or books) are overly popular, they are not popular with me. Now that I know what "Twilight" is about from your description, all I can say is, "Yikes!" I'm an adult, and I don't really care to read about these things, and if I had any daughters, they would not be reading about them either. I appreciate you posting this topic.

  9. Amen. Thank you so much for this post. I agree 100% with you. The enemy is a liar and he is romancing our children. It is incredibly dangerous and wicked.

    However, the enemy is a master schemer and it his way to deceive and make us think there is nothing wrong with these types of films.

    Again, thank you.

    Far Above Rubies

  10. Good for you to speak out!!

    No one in our home is interested in those - thank goodness.

    I don't think that people realize that there are "real" vampires out there. They aren't born that way but are lured in by evil to "become" vamps.

    So sad...

    I am covered by His blood!

  11. Amen! Thank you so much for this review. When I would come across blogs of Christian women who were talking favorably about that movie I wondered if my knowledge of it was wrong. I have not seen it but glimpses I caught of it online and elsewhere had me very much wary of it. It's good to know that my instincts though I did not see it myself were not wrong.

  12. Dear Janet,

    This is so true. We need to not put stumbling blocks in our children's paths and show them how to discern between what is evil and good.

    Many blessings...

  13. Finally a Christian woman with some sense in regards the whole vampire culture. I have seen ADULT Christian women and mothers blogging about this series. They are reading it, enjoying and reviewing for the public. Their children are reading it. Their teenagers are watching the movies. I don't understand how can Christians be so deceived. Jesus has delivered us from death giving us Eternal Life, and Christians are worshiping vampires who are dead and seek to make others dead by sucking their blood. How gross, how unChristian!!!! people go read your Bibles instead of these ugly books. I understand someone who does not know Christ to be entangled by these seductions, but a Christian???!!! If we would only listen and heed to the voice of the Holy Spirit instead of the voices of the world and our own flesh. Thank you again for being a light in this dark world. :)

  14. Hurray! I am blown away by what Christian parents allow their kids to watch. We not only guide our children's choices carefully, but we teach them that everything is seed, and has to be evaluated accordingly as to whether is it negative (weed), neutral (clutter although not damaging), or beneficial. Also, we teach them that as adults, they will not be immune from seed that is planted in their hearts. Our hearts are soil that produces a crop. We have to watch over our hearts our whole life.

    A little seed will affect you, and a lot of seed will direct you!

  15. In addition, Twilight is very poorly written - we should be encouraging our children to read high quality books.

  16. amen!!!
    i have a little something for you

  17. Oh, so refreshing to hear someone else say this!

    I am a pastor, a homeschooling mother of 5 and the head of our local homeschool group, and I have had many moms, 'Christian' women, not only defend their viewpoint about these books, but encourage other Christian moms and daughters to read them. It's the inroad that many occult-leaning writers have been looking for. It's the way to infiltrate Christian groups, the arena they've never been able to get into with any great success... until now.

    My husband says using a book like one of these to teach whatever good might be in it is like fishing through a dumpster to find dinner. It might be there, but how good can it actually be, and at what cost?

  18. Satan hides in many places including novels. I would never read them or offer them to my children or give them to others as gifts. These books/movies are so promoted, I even saw a car ad which had teamed up with the Twilight books.

    I would be interested what other books you would not recommend. I would assume that Harry Potter was on the "banned list".


  19. Dear Jo,

    Harry Potter is also banned. Here is a good article regarding the Harry Potter series---

    Many blessings...

  20. Important note! I must also let you all know, that even though I critiqued this book turned movie---I didn't have to actually read the book or watch it! There is so much info out there regarding this topic, it was unnecessary to 'defile' myself as I did not need to or desire to expose myself. I had read several reviews, Christian and non-Christian and drew my facts and conclusions from that.

    Many blessings...

  21. Thank you for a thoughtful post! I completely agree that we should be filling our daughters hearts and minds with Godly things... and the Twilight books/movies couldn't be farther from that!

    I do want to add that we should be discussing WHY these are not appropriate entertainment with our daughters and offering alternative, inspiring entertainment. My daughter (10) and I are reading through the Little House series right now, and she is reading through the Nancy Drew series on her own. When we finish Little House, we are moving on to the Chronicles of Narnia series (her choice). There are so many uplifting choices... but we have to be TEACHING our daughters how to make the choice that honors God instead of just making the choice on their behalf.

  22. I have two teen daughters that are not interested in the Twilight books or movie. Even though they've heard their friends at church rave about these books, they don't understand how it's so popular.
    Aside from the book(s), I was raised in a home that didn't do much to protect my purity and sexual integrity or anything like it. I'm starting from scratch (and very late in my daughters lives) in teaching them to walk closely with God and in femininity God's way.
    As I embrace what God's Word has to say about women, I'm finding it difficult sometimes in conveying the message to my teen daughters.

    I know that prayer and consistency in showing them what God's Word has to say that we'll be victorious. So...I press on.

  23. I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree. We too made the decision that this was not wholesome Christian material for our daughter, nor for me. I have seen what it has done to adult aquaintances that have become obsessed with this mess and I certainly did not want that in our home. It certainly is sad that so many are deceived and allow their little ones into the world of deception as well. Thank you for this post. May God bless you and keep you.

  24. Absolutely, Jasmine! I try to explain to those who disagree with my "archaic" ways that Satan is a deceiver and will use subtle methods to entangle us. Sadly, many people think they are smarter than he. Well, I am certainly not, but my God, who has indwelled me with the discerning power of the Holy Spirit, knows everything and will not be second-guessed. His way is the ONLY way! Besides, some choices should just be "no-brainers" for Christians.

  25. Thank you for a great post. I am not a Christian, but I read your blog because you share many of the same values we do and your posts always make me think. (I hope you don't mind.)

    I too have banned the Twilight series from our house. When my 9-year-old daughter came home from school talking about it, I decided to read one of the books for myself. I was appalled that such fare is being pushed on girls--not just teens, but elementary-aged children. Besides teaching young girls to long for the supernatural and therefore neglect what is possible, real, and healthy, it also brainwashes them into thinking its romantic to defy their family and community to pursue a lustful relationship with a man. It teaches that if an inappropriate romantic relationship doesn't work out, it's normal to pine away to the point of suicidal behavior. It also teaches them that being with a man who not only can but is likely to kill you is romantic, not stupid.

    My oldest daughter was raised in a neglectful, abusive, and sexually promiscuous family for her first five years. She is already at a terrible risk for all the behaviors mentioned above. I wouldn't let my well-grounded daughters read this schlock; how could I ever allow such a dangerous influence near my most vulnerable child--much less into her mind?

    Letting daughters read these books (much less see the movies) is just inviting them to rebel, lie, defy their parents' and community's values, and succumb to lust.

  26. Thank you for posting this, as i see even Christians getting drawn into this. We do not have "normal" tv but something called Sky Angel tv so our kids really do not get bombarded like others but it is something we especially need to teach our girls about. I agree with the other lady that said what scared me is the MOTHERS who are addicted to this.

  27. Ms Junes,

    Just like yourself I did not have to defile myself to find out about these books. Just knowing the subject of the books and movies is enough. Just like when harry Potter came about, once I found out what the subject of the books was I knew that this was not an arena for me to go into/ or allow my children to go into for that matter. I stay away from novels too, even the Christian ones. I think they foment fantasies that are not healthy for a Christian woman being her single or married. I think they can lead to dissatisfaction with one's life or mate. As Christians we need to be very careful with what we bring before our eyes, and permit to enter our hearts and minds. One can never be careful enough. I appreciate you bringing this and other important matters to our attentions. God bless, Tereza

  28. June,
    Thank you for your beautiful website and for sharing your godly wisdom. My daughters and I love to read your encouraging words and ideas. I would love to get your advice about how I can honor my husband. We homeschool our 5 children and he is a very good father and provider. When I tell my husband about something we need for the home or the children he feels stress and guilt if we cannot purchase it. Can you suggest a better way for me to approach him that would not be stressful. I would love to have your suggestions.

  29. To that kind of movies - and literature - my children always see it as me: with a strong sieve. They know what that is and don't pretend that bad is good, as most people do. They see it but they know very well what it is and the difference between good and evil.

  30. Thanks for posting your review of the Twilight series. I have been really concerned at the number of Christian women I have seen reading these books and watching these movies. They promote so much evil it's hard to know where to start. This series basically encourages girls to fall in love with evil men and thereby put themselves in danger. We need to wisely avoid this kind of literature!


  31. The Bible tells us to shun the very appearance of evil and the book of Deuteronomy forbids any dealings with the is so strange to see Christians embracing such things...I mean, it's obvious that this isn't from the Lord...the devil doesn't always present himself in such a clear way,...but this is an exception I am finding. Oh how careful we need to be...we shape and form our children into the people they will one day be...that's our job, our calling! I shudder to think what all I will have to answer for in judgement when I stand before my Lord...this worldliness is not something I want to have to answer for! Amen...and thank you for sounding the trumpet.

  32. Thanks June for allowing me to spread the message. I think every woman should repost this article on their blog.

    God bless.

    Off I go to repost with your permission.


  33. I totally agree with you. These Twilight movies and books are advertised so much that I'm surprised they don't have Twilight toys in Happy Meals!

    I've never seen the book or movie, but I am shocked how many adult woman are obsessed with it.

  34. It's so refreshing to hear from someone with a Biblical perspective on these dark books. When I see "Christians" reading them, I am always shocked.

  35. I could not agree more, with you.
    I am a homeschooling-teen and read the first book and thought it was trash and a waste of my time. All of my aunt's, grandmother, and friends are reading them, and really like them. I am so sad when they talk about it. And think about all the wonderful books they could be reading and studying. but they choose to spend their time on wasteful things. I Love your blog!!

  36. Dear Julie,

    A wonderful resource I recommend that is invaluable for wives is the book 'The Excellent Wife' by Martha Peace. If you are looking for ways to honor your husband this book will absolutely help.

    As for how to bring up purchases that are needed, here are a few thoughts:

    1. Pray. Is this really a need? If so, pray that the Lord will provide it.

    2. Ask your husband how he wants to be approached on the matter. Maybe he would like you to give him a list or tell him a certain day of the week or time of the day. Find out what works best for him and then do it.

    3. Consider talking about setting up a budget for unexpected needs. Put aside a certain amount every payday to be used for those needs.

    Hope this helps!

    Many blessings....

  37. I completely agree!! And to think that the last movie out made more money than Harry Potter!!! We must guard our hearts always because Christians are not immune to deception and temptations! We are extremely careful of what we watch, as parents and our kids. If our kids can't watch it, then we shouldn't either! That's how we handle it in our home.

    God Bless!

  38. I agree with you, Mrs Fuentes. It has deeply saddened my husband and I to see Christians who promote this to children. My husband recently entered into a kind of debate with a youth pastor who took his youth group to see the New Moon film recently. We could not believe that a church would condone its youth being led to view this. The youth pastor told my husband that the children were mature enough to discern for themselves and that it was harmless fun. We, of course, disagree. As a child, I was allowed to read and view things similar to this movie and it influenced my perspectives as an adult that I later had to repent of. It simply did not help me have a Biblical foundation and caused me to falter later in life. It is sad to me that adults view children as "little adults" when they are actually in desperate need of training on matters such as this. It really breaks my heart.

  39. Amen, I just came over from another blog and saw this article. I was so encouraged!!!! I don't know anything about Twilight other then there is a vampire. It saddens me also that so many Christian blogs have info about going to this movie. How sad. Tells were the church is. We need to pray that the Lord will make the believer aware!!!! Thank you again!

  40. I am a husband and my wife is all into these books and have seen the movie. She comes home from school..a teacher and she eat and works on school work while listening to these books on the iPod. I do not know how long it takes to listen to them but this is all she does. On top of it our marriage problems have just seemed to get worst and worst. I know I have not been the most romantic person over the years but to have to live up to something like those books is crazy. What hurts me most I am told am i trusting God to help our marriage but at the same time she always has her head in this book. I tried to read 5 love language's to her but I guess twilight is more exciting!

  41. The devil seeks to destroy the home in any way that he can.Our children fight ever growing and body changes. They learn all to soon that who and what they thought they could trust they can't.The world becomes a big ball of confusion.Thats what the devil wants your children to think. he wants them to be so affraid that they are renendered useless in God?s army.Thats why the world needs more Godly mothers like you.To keep the trash out of your childrens lives, teach them Godly values,and teach them about all the evil tricks the devil can come up with. I truly believe that your children will make tommorow a better place to be

  42. Wow...This is convicting. I have been feeling that God is speaking to me about the things I view, movies I allow into my heart and mind.

    My husband and I both love vampire stories (and werewolves too) and it's taken a lot for me to see that this isn't what God would have for me.

    Thank you for posting the comments and the original post.

    Now, to obey God and walk in righteousness.

  43. I am so glad to see your stand on this subject. I do not hardly know anyone who has not read one of these books or seen the movie. And I mean christians! I have not seen any of them, but I know just from previews they are very inappropriate for anyone! Maybe some will read these posts and realize how harmful the series can be.

  44. honestly? i have read the books. while i do see and understand where this is coming from and i agree with it on many levels. i did however, find a site that gave me an interesting perspective on the books.

    edward was from a different time in which courting was popular,there was a better sense of romance. this is part of what bella falls in love with. i found this here:( i thought it was interesting in a very kate and leopold kind of way, though that involved time travel. the old time romance where a man had to WORK to woo a woman, and a woman's favor meant EVERYTHING to a man. we have come so far from that... it makes me sad actually

    i'm not excusing the vampire bit, because one of the most annoying parts of the books for me was the fact that he was a vampire. yea it created some action/adventure and all but the whole vampire thing reminded me of middle school wheneveryone i knew was reading the vampire chronicles (i didnt read any of them until i read interview wtih a vampire in college, found the writing good but overall not that interesting to me)and i kind of don't like the vampire bit.

    the author however is a mormon, and i believe that her use of the vampire is to show the eternal marriage/love in which mormons believe. in their wedding vows they do not include the till death do us part line. they believe that marriage is eternal, even beyond death. while most may not believe this, i think that was why she included the vampire - he is eternal, and in the books he even tells bella that when they love someone, there can be no one else for them. in a way, the vampire, with eternal life is like the Christian, who even after death will have eternal life.

    i think the books are being read by kids that are far too young and by people that don't understand Mormon faith (you can actually find these books in some LDS bookstores!) and are thus taken as basic vampire romance.

    im not condoning or condemning. just offering the information i have learned so that all can come to their own conclusions. many times the book reviews leave out mormon beliefs on marriage and the fact that edwards character grew up in the early 1900s victorian times a time in which we saw much chivalry and protection of women and a bmuch bigger emphasis on God. the books also discusses whether or not the vampires lose their soul or if they still have one.

    personally, i think there is a lot in these books i would not want a young daughter reading. i probably wouldn't even want a young teen reading these books! there is too much in there that can harm a young and susceptible mind. :-)

  45. Amen! These movies are evil to the core. A Christian should not even care to watch such darkness. Since this post a TV series has come out, "The Walking Dead". I know many who love watching this. I can't believe how many "Christians" watch this evil mess. It is pollution for the soul. People need to get back to some serious Bible study. The Bible clearly warns against such evil. It's not ok! People are walking in darkness not the light.


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