Friday, September 24, 2010

Femininity Lost in America

Is femininity lost in America?

You would think so by hearing that women are wearing this.

Is this what glorious femininity has been reduced to?

Is this whom the majority of American girls idolize and imitate along with their mothers?

I hope not.

Mothers and fathers allowing little daughters to learn wrong ways.

Sacrificing their daughters to the world.

But I am hopeful...

so hopeful...

because I know that many are raising up daughters as pillars in their homes.

They are teaching them to be feminine, to be noble, to love God, to be servant-hearted, to love children, to love and advance the church, to love their families and to esteem that which is good and righteous.

Really, I have met them---they DO exist!

With God's help, I am also trying to raise them....:)

But without God, I know that I would be in the same place.

With or without a meat dress, I need Jesus just as much as the next person---if not more.

Let us pray for these woman and daughters to have discernment and not to be lead astray by the worlds ways and to be pleasers of men.They have been deceived by the seduction of the entertainment industry that they have become enslaved to.

Not because we are righteous,
or any better than them.

Because we aren't.

We need Jesus as much as them.

And because we love them and want to see their souls saved from the only one who can save it.

Are you saved?

If you are not sure,

click here.



Suzanne said...

Wow! That is absolutely disgusting! I am so dismayed at times by the way girls dress, tops hanging out, skirts up to the fanny. I have four girls and they have never wanted to dress this way, thank goodness! I have one son and my heart breaks when we're out and he has to see such immodesty. We don't have to dress like frumps, there are so many sharp skirts and dresses out there. I love Cold Water Creek clothes, stylish but modest.

Mrs.C said...

With God's help, we have two pillars in our home.

My heart aches for those who are not protecting their girls and training them properly.

As we lead by example, we must also be willing to help others and pray for them who have not been taught properly.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Why must these women show everything. Did you hear that her reason behind that outfit - if we can call it one - was to symbolize that men should not treat women as pieces of meat. Well maybe if they didn't dress this way, they wouldn't.

Valencia said...

I couldn't agree more! I have four girls and they often participate with me on Feminine Fridays. I feel I'm their first and most important role model. They are constantly being challenged by others as to why they dress the way they do. It's because I'm raising Godly princesses, not prostitutes.

Deanna said...

Gaga's meat dress had to have stunk!

Even older women in the work force seem to have lost their modesty. Low cut blouses and dresses are becoming the norm in the USA.

It is honorable to raise our daughters to be feminine and walking up rightly before the Lord. Also raising our boys to be people of godly character.

Off the top of my head I can not quote the chapter and verse that says as Christians we live a more excellent way. More excellent.

When children are young, as Christian adults we need to be instructing our children in what they should be looking for in a spouse long before they become the age to get married. Gentle words.

God bless and may you have a sweet life!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Just when I thought I have heard or seen it all...hopefully Lady Gaga has the sense not to wear that dress on a camping trip..the bears would smell her a mile away.

My heart breaks for the young girls and boys whose parents are allowing them to be trafficked, because that is exactly what this is. I'm praying today that God will do a work in their hearts and that He puts Godly examples in their lives to love them and show them the way.

Thanks for a wonderful post..


Jasmine said...

That video of those little girls dancing, that's just all kinds of wrong.

I'm not a conservative as such, but even by modern standards that should be outlawed.

Let children be children!

Anonymous said...

Alot of the problem I see is the adults dressing like they are still in highschool or college themselves... I go to pick up my children from school and I sometimes cant tell who are the real children vs the adults... Compared to them I probably look amish and frumpy... lol (nothing against the amish I adore their values and hard work)My daughter the other day wore a vintage strawberry dress and she said she had so many compliments from it(good)and I am thinking wow... that dress she wore was from the 50's so maybe there is hope...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mrs. C- lead by example. It's sad to hear time and time again that there are those who do not take the time to teach and train their daughters.. Training & teaching our daughters what the truth is, is our only way to protect them from this very fallen world.

Pamela said...

I just wanted to comment on your last post about the twilight insanity. Everytime i go to Walmart that is all i see ! These books are on the front shelves in the book section. I said to my husband recently...that i cannot stand all this vampire stuff!!! Thank goodness our eleven year old son shares are opinion. Not that he would be allowed to read this.
Enough with the vampire movies , books etc. teens today face enough challenges as it is.

Jasmine said...

Hello dear friend. Excellent post. I like how you stated we ALL need Jesus to live right. Without Him we would be in the same situation. Very true!!!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your posts about raising daughters so very much. I have been reading you blog for sometime now. I accidently deleted my blog and lost alot of blogs, but yours was one I did not even have to search for. I knew exactly where you were :) Thanks so much for your inspiring posts on raising Godly girls!!!

Jo said...

This isn't just a problem in the USA but in all western countries. Today was a warm spring day, the first we have had, and there were girls ( some very young- aged around 6 or so) wearing short shorts, tops where nothing was hidden, mini skirts etc.. It is a very unpleasant sight to see, but I see it all the time in the warmer months.

I once had a chat with some non- Christian men and asked them what they thought of these outfits, they didn't like them at all and said they thought the girls looked cheap. So not even non-Christians males find it appealing.

Don and Shelly said...

If we can just get fathers to turn their hearts toward home, families to turn their hearts to the Lord and families to accept His written word in totality, much of this would take care of itself. Until that time, a huge THANK YOU to all Christian ladies for striving toward Godly modesty. That servant's heart toward the Lord is more beautiful and radiant than anything you could adorn yourself with!~~ Don

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