Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sound Asleep

Dear Mothers of America,

As our nation arises this morning from a sound sleep I would like the opportunity to awaken us all from another type of 'sound sleep' that is subtle, dangerous and destroys.

We, as 21st century families and mothers, have been lulled to sleep by...

-government propaganda that desires to control our homes, right down to how worship and educate and raise our children

-feminists theories that whisper from us from the magazines and books on the racks that falsely dictate what home and family life for us should be like and what our 'rights' are

-consumerism that threatens and robs us of our financial and future well-being

-entertainment that blinds us and permeates practically every fiber of our being as we run from our plasma TV's to our laptops to our cell phones, ipods and Wii's.

-worldly philosophy that turns our hearts away from home and God, dictating that buying more 'stuff' for our children than our parents bought for us somehow makes us successful parents. (In turn we neglect teaching them about God because we are too busy making the money to buy them the all 'stuff' they don't need and end up taking for granted anyway. Really though-- why bother, isn't that the youth pastors job anyway?)

The alarm is sounding....


or will you join the millions of woman who have bought the lies of this century--which are not new but have been whispered from the very beginning of time in a garden called Eden?

The alarm is sounding...


or will you mindlessly continue to run the rat-race? You know, the one where you allow others to dictate your life to you, and you change what you know your heart is leading you to do because you begin to follow someone else's prescription for your life?


or will you let others raise them and disciple them to the worlds glory and not the Lord's? To serve a humanistic pagan agenda instead of seeking first the kingdom of God? Look well to ways of your household, mothers,and do not eat the bread of idleness, lest your children be stolen from you.


because this takes courage. You cannot be easily swayed or influenced by a magazine article, TV show or unruly, critical girlfriend or family member. You have to grow a spine of steel because you understand your calling. You understand that if you are going to take part in the reformation of history and culture that it will take faithful steadfastness and a bold spirit of courage.

The alarm is sounding...






will it be----

too late?



  1. My husband and I have been doing youth ministry for about 10 years now. One of our biggest frustrations is exactly what you said. Parents turn their kids over to us and want us to preach and teach to them and "fix" their kids. Unfortunatly they are the ones who don't seem to understand that if it's not reinforced at home it doesn't matter what they learn from us. The parents should be teaching them at home and letting the youth minister's delight in what a good job the parents have done! We even had one family that said that they didn't like the video games their children played but they were going to wait for the children to make the right choice as to wether or not they should be playing them. (by the way the mom buys them for her kids). It breaks our hearts to see teens being lost to this world straight out of the homes where they are suppose to be "brought up in they way they should go". We continue to feel led to do youth ministry despite the trials. We are looking for oppurtunites to minister to the parents as well. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Fuentes, for another enlightening message.

    I feel so blessed to have come across your blog a few months ago and want to tell you how I appreciate your willingness to come alongside us in this Titus 2 fashion via your blog. I sincerely appreciate your teachings.

    Thank you for sharing the Truth and challenging and encouraging me to build my home.

    May the Lord bless you and your family.


  3. Hello June. There is an opportunity you may be interested in. Could you please get back to me at for full details? Sincerely, Nick on behalf of DaySpring Cards

  4. Some days I feel like I'm half in a dream and half woken up. Why does it take God shaking me with words of revelation to wake me up from worldly things that deaden my spiritual senses?
    Thank you for this - it couldn't have come at a better time for me and my household. I made some poor decisions over the last month financially that ended up hurting our family pocketbook and I am working on keeping my focus on my Lord and savior instead of making things look pretty.
    Speaking of pretty...I love your new blog background, it's just gorgeous!
    Take care and blessings,

  5. The sleep was committed unto them by the forbidden fruit that people are still eating of today. See Gen 3:4-5 for the lie that placed them under the spell. The spell is this: "you would know good and evil" Satan is a LIAR. If Satan says you will know good and evil, why do you believe him? It is a lie. You don't really know good and evil. You just think you do, because of the lie. It's the curse Jesus took to the grave. He left it in the grave. Why do people not believe that? Jesus made us more than conquerors. Because of the lie the Law was given. The Law was not meant to make you live by rules and regulations. It was to show you that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY for you to save yourself from the curse. The answer has been Jesus all along and God created you IN CHRIST before the foundations of the world. Satan just doesn't want you to believe it. He wants you to only see good and evil. God wants you to see HIM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS! So look at Him!

  6. These are consequences to our nations sin. I feel that the Lord hands people over to their sin when they don't repent and people are to wrapped up in their sin. Unless our nation as a whole repents and turns to Christ whole-heartedly to be saved, it will only get worse!! It starts in the home as mothers and fathers teaching and training our youth, our future. Unfortunately sin is not being doneaway in the home, sin is not being dealt with.

  7. Great post! I'm so glad that someone else sees it besides me. And that you are blogging about it, too. I have posted similar posts recently.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  8. Thank you!!!!!!! It's good to not feel alone in the fight!

  9. Awesome post. Can I post about it on my blog with a link back to here? I would love to have it move around the internet.

  10. Dear Mommyx12,

    Yes you may!

    Many blessings...

  11. I stand up in agreement and join you in this call. Some times I wonder if I've woken from my slumber too late but I know that God is ALWAYS faithful. Amen and thank you for this challenging call.

  12. women have a unique power to change society for the better, if we:

    1. understand our authentic femininity

    2. use that understanding to build up our husbands and children in a Godly way

    3. keep our eyes on the Lord and our hearts open to doing His will. ask Him what He wants from you. we are all here at this moment in time, for a reason.

    4. keep our lamps lit. it's going to get much worse before it begins to get better. we need to keep our souls clean and steep ourselves in the Word of God.

    it is no coincidence that we are here encouraging one another. how are we going to share with others what their true identity is? for the men in our lives, how are we lifting them up to be the best they can be? for the women in our lives, have we encouraged them to tap into their femininity? finally, how are we modeling our true nature to others? for men and women, it all stems from getting to know who they are, as children of God, created in His image and likeness. once those around us see that, we can transform our society.

    God bless you all!

  13. This is so true. I am a big fat sinner. I know I am and I am trying to change. I feel like that half asleep person who looks around saying What? How can the world have fallen so far? How, Why have we allowed this to happen. I see children running around unattended and if I comment I'm told I'm over protective. I hear women talk about their husbands having NO SAY in what they do. When I question it I'm told I'm old fashioned. I hear of people "hooking up" with different people, same sex... If I express my opinion, it's a hate crime.
    It is time we wake up and smell the coffee.

  14. Amazing post - my husband and I thank God daily for sounding the alarm in our lives a few years ago; we had been deaf to it for so long - too long; I thank God he awoke my family. Thanks for this June :)

  15. As for the children, one of the best places to start is to realize that children are people too. Don't get me started...:)

  16. Well spoken june ..... you may find my site comforting and truthful as well !! it is a blessing to meet such brave bold courageous women in these blog sites ..... sleep well because the LORD is at our side !

  17. I don't think people care any more about what is going on around them. They are immune to it all and no longer see anything wrong with the world.

  18. Excellent post! This reminded me of a time I was flipping through a magazine in a waiting room and they had a section on how you sleep with your partner indicates how good your relationship is. For laughs I went through the article and discovered that my husband and I were really not in love and will divorce quite soon. I showed him the article and we both broke out laughing! And we're still laughing---8 years and our marriage is still strong and growing stronger!

  19. Thank you Mrs. Fuentes for another encouraging post.

    I am with you on this. I am awake, and I am standing strong and firm. I will NOT let anything hinder my duties as a Christian wife/mother.

    Such a powerful post.

  20. Amen and Amen! We're here in Scotland, and we have the same problems as you have in the US. Not that I think my own heart is free of these problems, but I thank God always that He took us down the path of homeschooling - even when it was almost unheard of in Scotland. All glory to Him for graciously giving our family this gift. We are still endeavouring to learn more and more of how God would have us live.

  21. June, thank you for this post. A timely word in a world full of people pulling you in the wrong direction - even well-intentioned people.

    We need to know who we are and what are calling is to stand firm against the lies of the enemy. It makes a world of difference when the enemy comes and whispers lies of it being too much and you just can't do it anymore.

    God bless you.

  22. A well written post and so very true. Here in the UK the news is full of children who hold no respect for their elders let alone theirselves. Parents wanting to be their childs friend. Buying their love. Children crave boundaries and why I want my childrens friendship I know I have to be their mom first.Life isn't easy but thank goodness with have the bible with its words of wisdom, encouragement and truth. Xxx

  23. We just had this discussion at our Women's Gathering Saturday morning. We talked about the feminist movement and why it DIDN'T WORK. How we have come to the opposite end of the pole now and are seeing the penthouse influence on women and young girls at this decade. We talked about how the plumline of God's Truth in how to live is like the classic dress code that never goes out of style.

    Thanks for this exhortation!

    Peace ~

  24. Wow! Awesome and inspiring post for this new mom!! Thank you!

  25. I found your blog thru another blog I follow and have enjoyed what I've read so far. I mentioned yours in a blogging bee at mine, if you're interested.

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  27. I love the post and agree with everything...but I am struggling with one portion of the post and would love to receive some feedback from others more wise than myself. Is there ever a time when we should not support our husbands? Obviously, abuse is a legitimate reason, but what about the husband who is loving emotionally, but is not providing financially? What if the support you are providing does not translate into a husband who provides? I know the vows say, "in good times and bad" but is there ever a time that is too bad? Is there ever a time that children should be protected more than a spouse should receive support?

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