Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Assault on Femininity

Not long ago I had been flipping through the book Captivating which was one of the bestselling Christian women books for 2009 and this quote caught my eye:

"The assault on femininity--its long history, its utter viciousness--cannot be understood apart from the spiritual forces of evil we are warned against in the Scriptures. This is not to say that men (and women, for they, too, assault women) have no accountability in their treatment of women. Not at all. It is simply to say that no explanation for the assault upon Eve and her daughters is sufficient unless it opens our eyes to the Prince of Darkness and his special hatred of femininity."

--John and Stasi Eldridge

While I believe this quote, I believe it is only partially true. There has not only been an assault on femininity and on women from the beginning of time but also an attack on men, children and the biblical family. As I read this, I wondered to myself how many women actually realize this truth. We need to open our eyes with wisdom and discernment as we look at the world around us and question all that is going and what is deemed as acceptable in today's culture.

If femininity is under attack then godly womanhood is under full assault. The spiritual and physical war cannot be ignored. Women of today must rise up and defend the word of God through teaching, example, love and understanding. On the same hand they must refute those ideologies and philosophies which take its stands against scripture. They must not be afraid, they must not worry about being politically correct and they must not seek the praise of man.

Women today need to protect their marriages, children and homes. Satan seeks to kill and destroy and he is after godly marriages and their seed. We cannot be idle in this area or sound asleep but always on the alert, not fearful--- trusting God for the final outcome.

Women today also need to protect their minds and hearts. Why are there so many warnings in the Bible on this? For good reason, as this is where the battle can begin. For as a man thinketh, so is he. What battle is going on in your mind today? You might not even know there has been a battle waged because the enemy can draw his sword so subtly and deceitfully that initially it goes unnoticed.

My prayer is that as women we would understand the culture and the times we are living in today. That we would seek God's face on all matters, build godly homes, have strong churches and raise children who are in love with Him and that we would do all that it takes to do so. That we would view this as fruitful and meaningful work, as our life purpose and our high and noble calling. It is only by God's kindness, grace and love that we can do that so we must seek our Father's face at all times. When we understand the culture by looking through the lenses of Scripture, then I believe, we will ultimately find our way home.



  1. You totally hit the nail on the head!! GREAT post!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow great post!!!

    Biblical femininity is not always taught in our churches nor does it have popularity is all Christian circle, Why?

    Well I see that more and more that the Church is influenced by the world and world view instant of influencing the world around her!

    So if you live in north America where women and men are working side by side each day (and yes working not beside her HUSBAND but another man!!!) her family is attending day care if she as a family at all, and supper means eating out! No wonder the family unit is dying and that femininity means "do it like a man" Their is so much confusion in the role of each gender that nobody knows what to expect from it!

    I just think that we are created equal in God's eyes but definitely with different roles!!! And that order that God ordain is GOOD!!!

  3. amen...amen...amen...we truly need to keep our marriages protected no matter how long you have been married....

  4. What an encouraging post! And thank you for reminding us that its not just women who have been assaulted - men, and their masculinity and role as husbands and fathers, have also been attacked. Thank you for your fantastic blog, I read it daily!

  5. WONDERFUL POST!!!! Couldn't agree with you more!!

  6. We must be thinking along the same lines today (come see my post) about things that are feminine. Good thoughts here, I agree. Come say hi :D

  7. WoW I read your blog but I had to finally comment on this one. You are 100% right!! I do also agree with Stam House 100%. I have to say some of the greatest pressure I feel since my daughter graduated homeschooling, and people asking if I was finally going to work ...has been from the church. It is discouraging. I wonder why the church is so silent?? is it that the families have more income therfore are better givers? I feel guilty saying this but at times I do wonder. It can feel isolating at times. I keep turning to that fact that we are to be pleasers of GOD and NOT MAN!! Thank you for this blog post. I guess we have to live our lives as the Bible instructs us to and trust the Lord is using it.....

  8. Thanks for this post. It's a truth so many of us "know" but yet fail to act upon!

  9. Tat was amazing post! Tank you so muc! I am raising my Noa to treat women te way God would ave im to and will do so wit Jeremia wen e gets ome as muc as e is able to.


  10. May I please, please say something here? In regards to femininity and feminine dress.

    I was called by the Lord in 2002 to start wearing skirts. I was not an awakened Christian back then. I just heard this voice guiding me. I began wearing skirts and over time my entire wardrobe contained skirts and that is all I wore. The calling was very distinct and in my heart it felt right.

    I feel sometimes that I am judged for how I dress and look. In my neighborhood, there are a few families with young children around me. I have gotten some stares and some interesting comments. My little girl wants so badly to play with some of these kids. When she saw one of them last summer, she was told "Your mom is Mormon and we can't play with you".

    I am not Mormon, but does this matter? I felt as if my heart dropped. I felt judged for how I dress.

    I have not stopped wearing my skirts or dressing modest. I am sorry that this causes my daughter problems with making friends, but I have to have faith the Lord is going to lead me to friends who will understand.

    I feel that women are judged for dressing feminine and modest, and I would love for someday this dress to be seen as the norm, not the oddity some make it out to be.

    I apologize if my wording is not quite good with this. I was just reading this blog this morning and it really struck a cord in my heart. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for sharing Garnet, but I have to encourage you that the world will never be ok with us obeying God on the outside. In fact, it will get worse, the church will and might already treat us the same way as the world. Stand firm in your obedience to Christ, dying to selfish desires and the need to feel accepted. Encourage you children to not desire acceptance but only to please God and acceptance from Him. If obedience brings a smile to His face, does anything else matter? really? Don't be offended, but expect rejection, as they have rejected Christ, they reject Christ in us. Consider it all joy, my dear sister!

  11. Great post, sweet friend. We need more voices like yours! Thanks for encouraging me to find mine! :o) xoxo

  12. This is SO TRUE and so timely. Just last week I was reading TD Jakes book, "Woman, Thou art Loosed!" and in one small section he pointed out that the curse on the serpent after the Fall in he Garden of Eden included being put at "enmity" with woman, specifically. Not just humanity, although because we are relationally tuned that makes sense, but specifically against the woman! Of course he attacks our mind and heart - whispers lies to our souls - twists the truth - and we, like Eve, are far too often easily deceived...
    Thankful to know God is awakening our hearts to Him - and that you and Sarah Mae and others like you are standing up for the Call to be a Woman of God!

  13. So true. We must not look for the praise of man. Today in public people are so critical of moms! I have given up worrying about what a passer by will think, or even will say and instead now just knowing that I have done right in the site of God.

    One such example was when I took my children into a store on a Friday at 9pm. The passer by said (in a none too kind tone) "They are out late!". I just smiled at him. He had no idea we were buying items to make gingerbread houses for the next day after watching a lighted boat parade which ended at 8:45pm. He might have had better things to say if he had known the fun and great memories we were making.

  14. and another hearty AMEN! all the comments said what i had to say

  15. Dear Stam House,

    "No wonder the family unit is dying and that femininity means "do it like a man" Their is so much confusion in the role of each gender that nobody knows what to expect from it!"

    This is so true and I love how you expressed this which is why I believe there needs to be much more teaching on this topic today. Women need to teach Titus 2 principles in all the ways that God has gifted them so the next generation won't be lost.

    Many blessings...

  16. Again you have written something that we all need to take heed of. I am going to print this post out and put it in my journal so I can reread it often. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thankyou so much.

    Blessings Gail.

  17. June, I loved the post! So much truth behind what you wrote. My husband and I just finished reading John and Stasi Eldredge's new book about marriage called Love & War. It was so strengthening to our marriage and sheds a light on areas that the enemy loves to keep in the dark. Aside from that- I wanted to ask you a personal question. I have one child, a son named Joshua. He is 8 months old, and God has blessed me to be able to stay home with him. I have recently been thinking about children in general and turning that area of our lives over to him. After I had Joshua, the Lord very clearly told me that hormonal birth control was not something that he wanted me to do. I didn't question it, I just accepted it and moved forward. Lately I have felt the pull to stop using any form of birth control and allow God to bless us however He chooses. I guess I'm just wondering what your opinion is on using birth control of any kind under the context of marriage? I know that this is such a personal subject for many women, but I trust your view to be trustworthy and honoring to God and the family unit. Any sort of wisdom in this area is greatly appreciated.
    In Christ,


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