Saturday, April 3, 2010

Training Daughters In the Kitchen

At the very moment I type this, my daughters are working steadily in the kitchen preparing the home and meals for Easter. My middle daughter, Naomi who is 12, is creating this:

Two Tone Sherbert Torte, Taste of Home

And my other older daughter, Janai who is 17 is preparing this:

Snickers Taffy Apple Salad, Taste of Home

They will be preparing these together:

Bacon deviled eggs, Great Gram's Recipe

Daughters are a wonderful blessing, be sure to give them many opportunities in the home and in the kitchen and remember that you are preparing them for something they will do for the rest of their lives---everyone needs to eat! Work along side with them and before you know it they will be skilled and accomplished at many things. Those small little hands will turn into experienced hands later and one day they will thank you for all they learned.


  1. I agree with you. I think it is good for sons to know as well. I found a downloadable book at that focuses on what needs to be taught to our daughters. I found the lessons well put together and informative. My husband wishes he had a handbook like this when he first left home.

    Your daughters are making lovely food for tomorrow. Have a great day!!!

  2. How wonderful!!! I wish my mother would have taught me to cook. Very important skill to have. Kudos ;-)

  3. It looks like everyone did a wonderful job. Everything looks delicious.

  4. YUMMY....everything looks so good! I learned to cook at age 12, have always loved it. My daughters all learned to and are still learning. Your sweet girls have done a great job! Happy Easter...Come say hi :D

  5. The little hands in my kitchen are at a very early stage of learning {my girls are three and two years old}, but it's so exciting to teach them!

    It must be such a joy to teach your daughters!! :)

  6. Spending time together and raising them up at the same time; that's quality time. The kitchen teaches many lessons, which is why so many people refuse to cook and just eat fast food (they haven't learned yet) but if they get in there, they can learn patience, balance, organization, time management, priorities and humility.
    That list is pretty obvious but as far as the last two, you learn priorities because once you've spent all day over an oven, the food could be gone and eaten in less than ten minutes. It's important to have food but everything has a place and a time. You learn to let things go, attitude-wise (it's not slave-work, it's home-making)and that's part of humility. Noah and his family built the ark in much more than a few minutes' time but it lasted over 40 days and nights and brought them to a new stage of life. So, when you know the purpose and intention of what you are doing, you are able to place it properly in your priorities because no matter how long it takes or what the result, you know why you're doing it and that's all that happens to matter lol

  7. Looks very yummy! I hope everyone enjoys what their hands have so lovingly prepared... Have a blessed Easter! :-)

  8. Such a wonderful reminder! Thank you!

    Can I come over to your house for Easter? Looks YUMMY!


  9. It all looks very tasty. Blessings to you as we remember the Lord's resurrection. The true meaning of this holiday :) Praise be to God, He reigns!

  10. Having no daughters I have trained my sons to cook - they both love cooking and will cook for their girlfriends and families which I think is such a special thing. My mother taught both myself and my brothers and they are very good cooks.

  11. Our guests for Easter Sunday lunch have just left and they enjoyed their time with us and loved the dessert my daughter made last evening for today(a huge chocolate mousse layer cake, her own invention!) Having such capable, helpful daughters is such a blessing, it means I can extend hospitality even though I have a new baby and also offer last minute invitations as we did today. In fact,it was my daughter who wanted to have another family out today after church and after checking with me she went over and invited them to our home.
    My 10 year old son also helped with the clean up and helped look after our guests by unloading the dishwasher and clearing the table (without being asked) so the work was not all left to mum and the girls!
    I am sure you will have a wonderful (and delicious) time and a very special family Easter celebration.

  12. I really agree with this.I also was not taught to cook and yes your daughters will thank you for teaching them.

    Blessings Gail.

  13. I agree with this as well. When my children were little I taught them how to make dinner, wash their clothes, etc. However, when I had to go back to work for a time I stopped working with them on those homemaking skills. They are now grown girls but I'm able once again to work with them on these important skills. Thank you for this great post and reminder!

  14. Oh I do so agree with you! And only one thing I would add is to let your girls receive a bit of "glory" for their growing skills when possible;) I often have one or two of my girls make the things we bring to potluck dinners or for our church hospitality ministry... the girls just glow when they receive the compliments one always does in these situations, and folks love to encourage them in their homemaking skills.

    Isn't it a blessing to have daughters?

  15. The Torte looks yummy. I was wondering where I could get the Recipe for that torte or could you post the recipe? I enjoy reading your blog everyday and i just want to let you know that it is a blessing to me as a young married woman. My husband and I do not have children yet but I still get encouraged by your posts.

  16. Thank you, June. I enjoy doing this with my daugthers. It looks delicious. xox

  17. That stuff looks delicious. I would love to know how everything turned out.
    I have a 2 year old who is in love with food and helping mommy in the kitchen in whatever way she can. My 7 year old though is just not interested. How do I teach her if she's so reluctant? Should I force her to help? We have only daughters so she's usually outside working with my husband (where she'd rather be).

  18. Dear Jess,

    Your daughter is young and I would definitely invite her in the kitchen to help out and try her hand at a few things. If she is reluctant, then I would suggest finding recipes that she would like to make to help ease the transition into cooking/baking and to build confidence. I always liked Taste of Homes children section---there was always something in that section my children wanted to make. Or you could do a search online for fun things as well. Either way, be sure to give plenty of praise to encourage her to return. My girls like to bake for dad, and he loves sampling everything they try. He will often request different foods and they are usually more than happy to make them. Perhaps, dad can give her a helpful nudge as well. :)

    And for the other ladies, here is the link for the torte recipe:

    Many blessings...

  19. I love your is so encouraging. I have you linked on my blog and your tag thingee lol.

    I have a question. You post a lot of quotes from books and I was wondering if you would ever consider making a list of books that you recommend on your blog? That would be very helpful because I'm always looking for a book that would encourage me and you seem to find books that I never even heard of.

    I will be getting "Passionate Housewives for God" pretty soon.

    God Bless You and your family.

  20. Be Frugal With Me,

    Thanks so much for visiting and linking to this blog, I love to hear from readers and glad you suggested a book list. I have been thinking about this for a while, even probably doing some book reviews. I would also like to make books lists for sons and daughters too. So keep your eye out for them, I plan on posting about it in the near future.

    Many blessings....

  21. Amen, June!

    I love having my four daughters working along side me in the kitchen, in the home, in the garden! While we enjoy doing these things together, I am also preparing them for their own homes one day. My daughters are 18, 16, 10 and 7!

  22. Thank you so much for the adivice. I will definetly try that. I'm sure if she's getting to choose something herself to make and it's going to be special for daddy she will be in the kitchen in a heartbeat. :) I'll try that one on my step daughter when she's out this summer also.
    Thank you also for always being the first place I go every morning. I love your blog, and God has spoken to me through your blog more times than I can count.

  23. my mamma taught us girls from a very early age to cook, at first on a wood stove and fire then a wood cook stove. eventually we got a propane range then electric, but I realize not everyone gets the chance to live that way :). by 12 we could and did cook full meals on our own, when I was 14 my sister moved away for collage, my mom was diagnosed with mercury poisoning and was so sick she could barely get out of bed for the next two years due to kelation therapy. at that time I took over the running of the house and farm, dad had just gone back to work for someone other then himself. for the first time in my remembered years he was working out and away, for 12 hour days. my brother at 17 started his first real job as well as courting a young lady, so between ten hour work days and visiting her, we hardly ever seen him. needless to say with getting in the wood for our fire at -40* and colder on top of all the farm chores. I am glad and feel very blessed that I was prepared (for the most part) to assume the task laid out before me. thanks moms for teaching your daughters!


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