Friday, March 12, 2010

Educate Your Daughters

"A refusal to educate your daughters

is a refusal to educate your grandsons----

and that grants


to God-haters."

--Douglas Wilson

Mothers, do not merely educate your daughters in mere academics and worldly philosophies.

But raise them with wisdom, discernment and in love and service of the Lord.

Girls today are well-versed in rock lyrics, the latest fashions and self comfort.

But we need to raise daughters that have discernment

and can raise up a faithful generation

that will serve the Lord wholeheartedly

and advance His kingdom

here on earth.

Give your daughters the gift of knowing their purpose on earth early in life

which is to serve and glorify the Lord.

If you do not teach her, she will spend her whole life looking for answers and purpose

and the world will be glad to share its wicked answers with her.

And she could fall into the trap of lies that beckon her

that will lead her on the path of death.



  1. How my daughters...they are so dear to my heart! :D

  2. Beautiful...something that I have been burdened with a lot lately. :) What encouragement!

  3. Amen, June. This has definitely been on my heart recently with my own daughters, and He has really been convicting me to be more and more dedicated in this area.

  4. Amen. As the mom of all girls (now young ladies) I can't agree more. I just got through teaching from "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss for a ladies' Sunday School at our church. Stepped on alot of toes, but, PTL they were willing & eager to realize that what the world has told them is 'the norm' & 'what's expected' for women is NOT what the Lord's plan for us ~ or our families.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  5. Amen, June. Another great post. xox

  6. Unfortunately, I don't have daughters of my own, but I totally agree with this post - about raising young women to glorify and serve the Lord. :)

    ~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

  7. I do teach my daughter about the Lord and a lot of what she knows isn't something she was taught, it's caught. There are times when she teaches me too though. :) Great post today!

  8. Thanks for the reminder to keep pouring into our daughters!

    I appreciate your words and your challenges!


  9. please pray for my daughter. She is estranged from me. She will marry in a week at a hockey game a man of dubious character. I have warned her and at times been angry. She will no longer speak to me. Please pray for me. If I need to humble myself. I need the joy of the spirit! I pray for his mercy in the life of my daughter.


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