Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Contentment In the Palace

I think it is pretty hard for women today to find contentment because of all the temptations of this world. The rush is on to have the best, the newest, the latest and the trendiest. Advertisements seduce us from all sides against our better judgment.

A simple woman who wants to live a simple life finds it so challenging to turn her eyes away from all that the world has to offer. She is tempted to think that she needs material possessions in order to have joy when in reality---she possesses it all along.
In fact, she is overlooking the truth: that she possesses great treasure that mere money cannot buy.

See, money cannot buy eternal life in Christ or the riches found in Him.
Money cannot buy the new work God is working in you.
Money cannot buy the forgiveness you have been freely given.
Money cannot buy godly character.
Money cannot buy a godly husband.
Money cannot buy that sweet little baby growing inside of you.
Money cannot buy all those sweet little children that live in your home.
Money cannot buy the love of a family.
Money cannot buy true friends.
Money cannot buy a happy home.
Money cannot buy true peace.

You can take all these things from us and still, if we possess Christ, we are RICH.

We are happy and give thanks for the simple:

Food and clothing.

(1 Tim 6:8)

People would laugh at that today, insisting the newest technologies guarantee happiness.

But Christians know THE TRUTH.

And we will walk in that truth.

Because we are not bound by the world and its strongholds.

It is mandatory that we not allow let the lusts of this world dictate how we govern our homes, finances, and thought life. Worldly contentment is only happy with the here and now, but we fix our eyes on the eternal,
the temporal.

Let us truly live our lives as such.

Matthew Henry (1662-1714) had this to say about discontentment:

“Discontentment is a sin that is its own punishment and makes men torment themselves;

it makes the spirit sad, the body sick, and all the enjoyments sour;
it is the heaviness of the heart and the rottenness of the bones.

It is as in that is its own parent.
It arises not from the condition, but from the mind.

As we find Paul content in a prison,

so Ahab discontent in a palace.”

Can we be content in any situation? In any circumstance?

Or are we worldly minded,

and find ourselves

discontent in our palaces?


Tiffany said...

What a wonderful post .I hope you do not mind, i posted a link to this post on my blog. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. As a young woman I struggle with this daily. . . I have a strong desire to be completely set apart for Jesus and this entails staying at home but as a woman my flesh wants to "my feet to stray from home". . . I get unsettled sometimes when I don't get out of the house, but this is where I am meant to be, right? I know this is a different branch of discontentment but I know it comes from the same place. Thank you for all your God given wisdom, it truly has taught me so much! You are truly a Titus 2 woman! God bless you and your family!


alexis said...

This is a very relevant post to me as a young wife and mother. I admit, even as much as I love my family, it's tempting to want to escape the daily household duties and childrearing at times! Thanks for putting it all back in perspective for me. I feel refreshed and encouraged after reading this post!

Brenda said...

Well, OK. This was the 2nd blog post in a row I read today on contentment. Hmmm......

Our growing family said...

This is beautiful...just what I needed right now.

Jo said...

Yesterday there was a huge horse race in Australia (called the Melbourne Cup) and women spent millions of dollars on dressing up for this event (designer shoes, dresses (short with plunging necklines), hats, hair, jewelery etc) + the money spent on bets. How content are they today after "spending big" on their credit cards - for what?

People (men or women) aren't content with the simpler life, they must have the bigger house, the faster car, the latest technology and it rubs off on their children who want the best birthday party or the most expensive gifts for Christmas.


Keith said...

Contentment can indeed be hard to find - unless we know where to look. As you so aptly said, it can be found in a prison and overlooked in a palace. For some suggestions on how to find contentment wherever we find ourselves, you might enjoy Journey to Joy (http://amzn.com/144218776X)

Abounding Treasures said...

Christian women of all ages need to hear MORE about this scriptural teaching these days as we are all bombarded by what society says is *normal*.

Thanks for speaking the truth, in love :o

Southern Maiden said...

My Mom has had your blog in her *Favorites* for the longest time, but I just now started checking it out.... I want you to know that this blog - backed up by the Word of God - is an enormous inspiration to me as I'm growing older and am being challenged in my daily walk with the Lord. The world says so much that's negative and discouraging about families, and my family and I totally disagree; but it's just encouraging to see someone with the same passion for raising families God's way and sticking to His divine plan! Thank you so much and God BLESS!!!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Excellent post and a wonderful reminder!

Annie said...

I am printing this post out! I loved every word!! I too find discontent at home, wishing I was out and about - but home is where the Lord placed me and there is so much joy to be had if I just grasp it!
Thank you for the lovely reminder and encouragement!
God bless you!!

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