Monday, May 25, 2009

Feminine Dress

Beautiful, modest and feminine clothes can be hard to find on the racks today but we do not have to feel we are helplessly at the mercy of distasteful or immodest designers. With a little ingenuity, inspiration and thought we can find ways to dress simply and modestly through the summer.

I remember reading through Jennie Chancey's article dressing feminine through the week many years ago and was absolutely inspired and challenged to work on my wardrobe, to make it beautiful, modest and comfortable. That time has come again for me, as I am shopping again for summer wear as I am sure many of you are doing also--and was delighted to find that this 7 day challenge is once again circulating to bless so many woman today.

Joy, at The Stay at Home Missionary, has done an excellent job in this challenge and I would like to share with you the links of her 7 day journey with dresses so that you would be blessed and challenged as well:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6 & 7

I love how she included her daughter in the pictures (aren't us mothers always training?) --- also included in the original challenge was to try different hairstyles so as you look through her posts you will also see the beautiful job she did on her daughters hair and some links for ideas for you and your daughters. Great job, Joy, and thank you for using your valuable time to bless and encourage women all around the world. (See more links of participants in the challenge here. )

If you are not used to wearing dresses, I want to encourage you to give it a try. Dresses are very comfortable and easy to work in. It inspires our daughters to be feminine, teaches our sons to appreciate modest and feminine women and our husbands like it when we look beautiful for them. It takes a little thought and planning but once you start wearing more dresses it becomes easier. I, personally, don't wear them 24/7 but I do enjoy wearing them when I do. Many women have said they see a change in how people treat them when they are dressed femininely such as getting doors held opened for them, etc. I have experienced the same--- be sure to teach your daughters that when you act and dress like a lady you will be treated like a lady!

Mrs. Chancey also had written this article which made me think long and hard about feminine dress that I also wanted to share with you. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Have a great time shopping for clothes this summer and be sure to pray about what the Lord would have you and your family wear this year. Be thoughtful of your husbands preferences and ultimately remembering that in all the things--whether how we dress, talk or act we are always reflecting Christ to the world!


Persuaded said...

I have participated in these "weeks in feminine dress" as well, in fact i posted about it on my blog (if you'll permit me to post a link here: )

Doing this is loads of fun, and it really helps one focus on motivations for our dress. Are we trying to look attractive to the opposite gender, are we trying to impress others with our "costly array", or are we attempting to model Godliness and femininity to the world?

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Oh how I loved the photos of the SAH missionary... what a beautiful family and the pictures she posted prove that modest feminine dress does not need to be frumpy. I am relieved it is going into winter here in Australia as the girls are starting to cover up. Living in a warm climate that has a surf/beach culture is a real challenge. I struggle to find modest, feminine clothes for my girls in the stores but the greatest challenge for me is church, in summer I sometimes wonder if the girls were on their way to the beach and took a wrong turn and ended up in church by mistake! My girls often wear dresses or skirts and tops, very much like SAH Missionary's lovely daughters. They often receive comments from people, including strangers on the street, about how lovely they look, so I know people notice the difference.

LLMajer said...

What a timely post! I've been contemplating my summer wardrobe as well and wanting to include more skirts/dresses. Thanks so much for sharing!

Fine Linen said...

I have worn skirts/dresses only now for two years, and have found it to be such a blessing. It's so comfortable, and for some reason you always just look put together (per se) in a dress or skirt. I hope that makes sense?...
I've found them to be the coolest thing in summer, and the warmest in winter. Seeing how you can layer, layer, and layer under a full skirt/dress. I love how feminine a skirt/dress makes you feel. I'll have to read the links you shared.
Thank you and blessings

Mrs. Lindblom said...

I followed Joy's blog posts during the week too. Very inspiring. :)

Buildeth Her House said...

I also was apart of this 7 day challenge. It was different for me because as a plus size woman I wasn't sure it I would feel feminine in dresses, but I was pleasantly surprized. I loved the way I felt in them so much that I've talked with my husband first about wearing them as the main part of my wardrobe. He agreed! I actually posted the next day about the changes that I felt while wearing them. The holy spirit did a work in me that week and I thank Kristen for having this challenge.

mom-2-4 said...

I also enjoyed seeing Joy and her daughter during the week in their dresses and skirts. Looking nice definately makes you act different too, more ladylike. One other thing I like to do is wear a pretty apron during the day, not only does it protect my clothes during cleaning, but while wearing a pretty apron I'm less likely to be idle during the day.
Julianne :)

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Persuaded,

'Are we trying to look attractive to the opposite gender, are we trying to impress others with our "costly array", or are we attempting to model Godliness and femininity to the world?'

Love it! Great food for thought--we are all challenged by your words.

Buildeth Her House,

Your week through dresses looked great and I'm sure inspired many.

Mom 2-4,

Love the apron idea, now to have the girls make me a really pretty one...

Many blessings and thanks for visiting ladies!

Anonymous said...

I have been doing that lately!
I enjoy it, too. :)

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

It's kind of sad when you see all of the people (young ladies) that have gotten used to the immodest dress of our world today. We represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To few people take that lightly. Shouldn't we (Christians) be different?
Thank-you for this post!
God Bless you.
In Christ,

PS: If you have some time, I would be delighted if you could take a look at my blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having this blog for us feminine women to read, share and learn from one another. I just started wearing skirts this past year and love wearing them all the time now. They make me feel more feminine and most of all a woman. Jeans and t-shirts use to be my wardrobe, I am so glad that I switched over to skirts and tops. Will be buying a couple of dresses this summer and wearing them as well.


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