Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome to Our Christmas Doll Tea Party!

When your daughter turns 11 and asks to have a tea party, it's time to break out the pearls, white gloves, and Mama's good china! We invited all the girls from church and told them to bring their dolls or a bear to the party.

My daughters set the table with care...

We filled the table with handmade namecards, bubbles, squawkers, etc. The menu consisted of fruit-kabobs, pizza, American Girl Doll tea cookies, strawberries, punch, fruit-flavored tea, mints, nuts, cheese & crackers and the like. I tried to keep things simple so I wouldn't have to fuss to much over the menu. They even got to use candy canes to stir their tea!

Dad was so gracious and took the boys out so we could prepare all the dishes. Isn't he just so thoughtful (and brave)?

We displayed one of Naomi's favorite Victorian dolls for 'authentic decor'.

Simple yet elegant...

Many dolls showed up ...from American Girl, Life of Faith, Beautiful Girlhood, and Our Generation!

The girls got to make little cakes for their dolls. We used two oreos stacked and each girl got their own frosting and sprinkles to make their sweet creations. We topped them with candles and the girls sang 'Happy Birthday'.

Why is this girl wrapped up like a mummy and looking as happy as a clam, you ask? Well, any girl tea party would not be complete without party games!!! This was one of them---the toilet paper wrapping game! They had to see who would wrap their team member the fastest. We also played Hot Potato with a candy cane using only their pinkies, London Bridge, Simon Says and Mother May I. We even had the girls use English accents in keeping with the tea party theme.

Here are the gals and their dolls, we took plenty of pictures of them and they got to pose with their dolls.

One of the gals surprised Naomi with a special Christmas song on the piano, which was just sooo sweet. Janai, my oldest daughter, also played a few songs on violin for the girls before they started the tea party. Janai had taken the initiative and showed thoughtful creativity by making little card Haikus out of all the names of the girls that she presented them with at the tea that they got to take home with them.

The cake was pink and had a tiara and teacups---all in all, it was quite a special and memorable day...

Good-bye now!


  1. Sooooooo much fun! I remember having an American Girl tea party with my girlfriends when I was 10 or 11 (back when there were only 4 American Girl dolls and no modern-day ones!) It was a truly memorable experience. It sounds like your daughter will remember this one for years to come.

    Congratulations on all the family birthdays! So much joy. But, you must surely be exhausted! In our family, we celebrate my husband's birthday, Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary, and Christmas in a month's span. I can't imagine adding 4 birthdays to that!! Let's just hope I keep on having Spring/Summer babies :)


  2. Dear Bethany,

    Thank you for visiting, yes, I am a bit fatigued from all that 'partying' but like you said the memories we created this year will last a lifetime-- I don't know who had more fun, them or me!

    Now after all the fuss of the birthdays, Christmas will seem like a snap!

    Many blessings...

  3. Hi June, What great pictures and what a lovely party!! We have a Keeper's at Home club and in the spring we will all be learning etiquette and we will have a mother-daughter tea to show what they have learned. I got a few ideas to use from you!! Thanks for sharing, and blessings to you and yours!

  4. Oh what fun! I'm sure the girls will remember that party for years to come!

  5. Wow, this looks like so much fun! Oh, I can't wait to do these types of things with my daughters...I suppose I could have a mini tea party for my three year old!

    How lovely - Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  6. What a special tea party! All of the dolls (and the cutie pies who own them) looked like they had such a wonderful time. The memories of this party will be treasured forever I'm sure. :)

  7. Oh it so refreshing to see these young ladies with their dolls! I know SO MANY 9 and 10 year old who don't have dolls...or even toys in their rooms! What a lovely party your daughter had--and she's very lucky to have all those friends to invite.

  8. Hi Becky,

    Thanks for visiting! That is wonderful to hear you will be using some of the same ideas, as it was hard to find ideas online that I really liked.

    We have the Keepers of the Faith books too, how great is must be to do a club for girls. I really like the idea of doing the Life of Faith club for girls and still considering doing it!

    Many blessings

  9. What a beautiful event...and a wonderful memory for your daughters to treasure always!

  10. Wow, you really know how to throw a party! :D Looks amazing, what a great way to show your child how much you treasure them.

  11. Lots of fun for all! :o) My girls don't "play", exactly, with their American Girl dolls anymore, but they do still like to dress them for the seasons, & pose them with the different accessories they've collected for them. I think dolls are such a wonderful girlhood toy. Thanks for sharing your tea party photos with us!


  12. What amazing memories will be cherished by each of these girls from this fabulous tea party!

    And it's just great that at their age, they still enjoy dolls ~ something you don't see much anymore these days at that age :o)

    Blessings to you and your family!

  13. Oh my, it reminds me of my favorite childhood book, The Best Loved Doll. What a beautiful way to honor your daughter on her special day!


  14. How wonderful1!! Happy Belated Birthday to your daughters!

    I would love to have had a tea party for my dolls! The Lord has only given me boys, but they are fun too. Someday I'm hoping that I will have granddaughters to have tea party's with.

    Blessings for your week!

  15. Oh wow, that sounds like fun! Thank you for sharing the pictures. :o)

  16. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures! The young ladies are so beautiful. I have one daughter & we enjoy her dolls so much. I do enjoy reading your blog and am blessed so often by your words of encourgement. ~Violet~

  17. How beautiful! I can't wait to do those things with my daughters! Thanks for sharing.

  18. How wonderful! I bet everyone had a great time. I really enjoyed seeing the photos from the party. Thanks for sharing them.


  19. This looks like the girls had a wonderful time! A memory they will have forever!! God Bless you!!

  20. Beautiful pictures. I have been a fan of Lady Lydia for about 8 years. I see you like her also. I love tea parties. When my grandchildren are here we have elegant tea parties like yours. I look forward to reading all of your blog when I have more time. It is beautiful and so well done. Great job! Doylene

  21. I am such a girl and love this kind of thing. You did such a beautiful job. I remember my daughter's tea party and really, it brings tears to my eyes to remember it. Beautiful post!

  22. Now this was something neat for me to see. :-)
    Such wonderful memories were created that day for sure.
    The decorations and food looked lovely and simple.

    Do you and your hubby do anything like this with the boys? Like have a night of camping with other boys or hunting squirrels or something to that effect?

    Thank you for sharing pictures of this blessed event!

    Hugs from Texas~

  23. Its wonderful seeing these girls enjoying being feminine.

  24. I am planning to have a "Dolly & Me Tea Party" for my daughter on her 6th birthday. This will be the first time She will be getting her own part - she has a twin brother and they have always had their parties together - something gender neutral. I like some of these ideas!! Thank you for showing us what a wonderful time can be had when you use a little imagination!

  25. My daugheter also loves American Girl she has her own web-site:)

    check it out:)

  26. This is great. My twins just turned 11 and they would love to have celebrated like this. Perhaps birthday number 12. Very beautiful.

  27. What a glorious event! I LLLOOOOVVVEEE tea parties and hope that one of my wedding showers will be a tea shower! What a thoughtful gift to give your daughters!


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