Friday, December 12, 2008

Joyful Celebrations

Joyful celebrations are all around us this time of year...we have celebrated 3 birthdays in the last month or so and one of them was a surprise sweet sixteen birthday party for my daughter, Janai. Here is her cake pictured above, its inscribed 'Reach for the Stars!" That is how we want our daughter to live her life. To dream and do her best in all things whatever God has planned for her. On her birthday her grandfather took her out on a lunchdate, and afterwards my husband and I took her to see Fireproof---it was all to distract her from what was really going on at home---a surprise party! And surprised she was for when she walked in the door and found the house fully loaded of loved ones she broke into tears----truly a joyous moment for us all.

As I said there have already been 3 birthdays (do I sound a little fatigued?) and now there is one more to second daughter is turning eleven on Friday. We will be hosting a 'Christmas Doll Tea Party', and my daughter is absolutely giddy. It was great fun to go the store to gather up tea cups and plates as the girls are all dressing up in gloves, pearls and hats--you know all the things most girls love. We will even make little cakes for their dolls out of stacked oreos covered generously in frosting. So as you see, I will be a busy mom planning this for this party! I will report more later but in the meantime you can view my other daughter's tea party two years ago.

Any ideas you'd like to share will be warmly welcomed! Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

How did you make the lovely star candles?

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Anonymous,

Those are actually not candles, I bought those at Michael's in the princess section. I think they are supposed to be wands. I liked them because my daughter asked for stars to be the theme of her party so I opted for these instead of having to create some.

Many blessings....

Abounding Treasures said...

What a beautiful cake and what a wonderful birthday surprise for your daughter :o)


Anonymous said...

How feminine & sweet this party looks. I urge you to look (perhaps on E-bay's for a book called "The Best Loved Doll." It's a book I had as a child & did find it on there. Anyway, it's about a doll tea-party too & how a little girl has 4 dolls to choose from to take to the party, & even though 3 of them could easily win each of the 3 doll-contests at the party (oldest, prettiest & 'doll that can do the most things') she chooses to take her doll that is the most worn & tattered, but also the most loved. The girl's mom who's hosting the party makes a special pin for this doll that says "The Best Loved Doll" on it.
I could never afford to buy an American Girl doll for my daughter (now 27) when she was growing up, so we just got the catalog & would look at them, but if I ever have a granddaughter, I think I'll buy her one! Take care. Those girls are precious!

Dawn said...

Surprise parties are the best! I am glad everyone had a good time!

I look forward to buying Fireproof on DVD. I didn't see it in theaters but saw the previews on another DVD we have and was like 'ooooo I gotta get Fireproof soon'. :-)

The Lord bless and keep thee!

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Tricia said...

I have been on your blog now for about 15 minutes reading through your great posts and I noticed you have a daughter named Janai. I do too. She is 6 and her name is Janai Abrianna.

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