Monday, November 17, 2008

The Biblical Family

"Every generation has its defining challenge.

Ours is the systematic annihilation of the biblical family."

--Doug Phillips, president of The Vision Forum, Inc.


  1. This picture is beautiful. Do you know the name of it and who it is by?

  2. Wow. that is quite a statement. It is very thought provoking.

  3. Those are profound words. My heart grieves as I see the erosion of the Biblical family all around us.


  4. So true and so very sad ...


    This is for Juli who wondered about the painting and artist -- it's called FAMILY CIRCLE and is by Lee Stroncek.


  5. Decades in the making of this current demise... This statement is so true.

  6. I hope you can help me! I know you are a "fan" of the am I. I am making their tater tot casserole tonight. My hubby said that on a recent episode of "17 Children and Counting" called Trading Spaces the girls talked about how the boys made the casserole differently and it was runny. Well, the last time I made it, my hubby thought it was a bit runny. SOOOO, I was wondering if you've seen that episode and if you could tell me what the girls did differently when they made it.
    Whew...hope you understand all that!


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