Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spiritual Gifts

Are you using your spiritual gifts for the Lord?

Take a test to find out what they are here: (test is only one page)

Spiritual Gift Survey

Gifts include:


I took this survey and found that my top three strongest gifts were---exhortation, leadership and discernment. What a great blessing from God! I definitely see how the Lord has used these gifts in my life. This survey needs to be printed out and is only 2 pages long. It is definitely worth taking if you'd like some confirmation---on the second page there are biblical definitions to help understand what each gifts entails.

As daughters to our Faithful Father, we need to flow in our gifts and bless our families, the body of Christ and the lost world around us--- don't just think that ministry can only be done within the four walls of your church---'ministry' is loving our husbands, our children and keeping our homes. Ministry is taking care of sick old grandma or the widow down the street that everyone has forgotten because they are too busy 'doing church'. It is opening your home to those new neighbors down the street who don't know the Lord. It is watching that young mother's child so she can have a break and spend some time with her husband. It's taking that baby Christian in church and taking them under your wing. It's picking up the phone to call that single mom to see if she needs anything. Ministry opportunities abound around us---we just have to keep our eyes open and sensitive to the Lord's promptings. We need to stop being so busy 'doing church' that we actually think outside the box and make time for those ample opportunities that can't otherwise be found in a church bulletin. I'm not saying those things are wrong, they're not---but there is a huge need to be alert to our surroundings and being ready to help those crying out among us.

Sometimes there is so much to do around us that we might neglect as we sign up for this or that at church or wherever it would be---unfortunately, many times the unsaved notice this hypocrisy first and want nothing to do with our Jesus because they think we are no different. In their minds, Christians are nothing but hypocrites who really don't care about the needy and turn a blind eye if it interferes with the comfortable lives they are living. Sadly, I have been neglectful of these things myself.

Ladies, pray with me now for the Lord to open our eyes to what ministry the Lord has placed all around us. Maybe it's your father who has cancer or your mother-in-law who just had that operation. Whatever the case, let us be found faithful in our love and care for them.


Mrs. Elliott said...

Hello Dear Mrs. June Fuentes,

What a wonderful and much needed exhortation this morning. The Lord has definitely been impressing this on the hearts of my husband and I this week.

Thank you,
Mrs. Elliott

Joyfull said...

This was a beautiful post. Thank you for including the survey. It is so important for us to use the gifts the Lord has placed within us. I also loved how you defined the many ministries of woman which are so important, wife, mother, caring for those around us etc.
This certainly blessed my day.

Anna S said...

Thank you for this wake-up call.

*Leaving her comfort zone*

Rhonda Devine said...

Amen and Amen,

Ashlie said...

Hello June! I've recently found your site from a friend of mine's and I LOVE it!! Your posts are so inspirational and full of wisdom. Just coming here and reading your advice and instruction is such a blessing. Your stories of your family life inspire me to want to make my home the most warm, loving, & God-fearing place it can be. Feel free to visit my site any time. I would be honored!

Anna said...

So true, so true. Thank you for this gentle reminder. I have been struggling lately with "ministry" while raising a young child at home (toddler). Your beautiful words have encouraged me to think out of the box and look for ways to serve Christ while staying home.

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