Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beautifully and Wonderfully Made

Does this post really need any words?

Don't squander your time with your children when they are little---it's true that it goes by way too fast. Take time to:

-Play doll house with your daughters.

-Read a book (or two or three) outloud and take your time.

-Actually train them and not just discipline them.

-Take your older one out alone for ice cream--just to talk.

-Kiss your little baby from head to toe and then take loads of pictures for next week they will have grown.

-Run outside while it is raining and spin in circles with barefeet and splash in puddles (without an umbrella or raincoat!)

-Play ring-around-the-rosie with your children, sing as loud as you can and fall down and look as silly as possible.

-Praise your sons when they proudly bring newly captured bugs and worms home and pray they don't try to put it on you.

-Cancel all the things you have to do for the day and do all the things you have wanted to do with your children but 'never have time'.

-On a snowy day, run outside with the children to catch snowflakes on your tongue.

--Make a home video of all the children asking them questions of their favorite things and memories or do a project with them (like baking cookies)

-Call Grandma and Grandpa to come share in the fun. Build strong ties with the children while they are young.

Enjoy building up and strengthening those relationships while they are little. You won't look back and regret a single minute!


nannykim said...

so true--they grow so fast and each stage is a blessing--love the picture

Linda said...

So, so true. As a mom to five and a grandma to 5, I feel the time crunch more than I did as a young mom. I'm so blessed to be able to love "my children's children". I'd just add that the principle is true for the older years as well. Our teens need our time, excitement, appreciation, and input just as much. (They might not appreciate silliness as much, though.) :-)
Beautiful picture!

Anna S said...

I felt such a sweet ache of longing in my heart as I read the sweet pictures you put into words! How I pray for the moment when I become a mother and hold a baby in my arms!

Brenda said...

I was more mindful of this when they were babies, but I forget the older they get.
Mine are CONSTANTLY asking me to play doll house with them. And I don't like to.............isn't that awful? But I do plenty of other things. Still...I guess today I will be playing dollhouses. Thanks for the guilt trip...I mean reminder! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this! What a great reminder to have.
June, I have a question (maybe a couple) for you, but I do not want to have it open for public debate.
I am asking you and other women that view mothers being the "keeper of the home" as we do.
So, if you would be so kind, could you start the process by emailing me.
I have some issues that I will not listen to secularized Christians on, but since coming here, and other places, I can prayerfully listen to what you ladies have to say.
My email address is

If you don't feel like doing that, I understand, but if you would, I would SO very much appreciate some insight from women who have been submitting to the Lord's call in working from the home longer than I have.
Thank you so much,
Jessica Gunning

Paula said...

They do grow up fast!! As my older son is nearing 10 years of age, I'm looking back saying "where did the time go." It just flies--I've enjoyed being able to be at home with them.


Sallie said...

We love reading books out loud. We are currently reading a story by Balzac... a mystery! Woohoo!

God bless,

Mrs. Brigham said...

Thank you for this post. You inspired me to take some extra pictures of my little one today. :o)

Kerimae said...

Oh! What a beautiful picture! Where do you get these lovely pieces of art????

Just wanted to let you know (again) how much I am blessed by your blog. Tonight I read your profile and I had the hugest GRIN over the answers you gave. I am looking forward to meeting you someday :)


Mrs. June Fuentes said...


I, too, find myself busier than ever in this stage of life---I think that I put this list up more for me than anyone else! (smile) I never want to lose that child-like side to me and ability to think the way children do.


Yes, they might not appreciate the silliness, but then again, you never know! :)


I'll be praying the Lord fills your quiver once you are married!


Very funny...I'm enjoying your sense of humor.


Thanks for visiting, I will email you sometime this week.


What a pretty name! I'm glad you enjoyed the profile and still visiting--yes, it would be nice to meet one day. I'd like to meet all the women who visit here!

Have a blessed day....

LisaM said...

Fill your life with love and joy - thank you so much for listing some good ideas!

Anonymous said...

Thats such a sweet post!! Its really really nice.


Anna said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. These are the very things I strive to accomplish every day with my little girl. For me, these things are more important than the "to-do list" that covers everything from scrubbing toilets to hanging laundry.

We often forget the importance of spending quality time with our children and place that importance on tending to our chores. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

Audrey said...

This has tugged at my heart. It is soooo easy to get wrapped up in it ALL, that we forget the simple, IMPORTANT things. Sigh!

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