Monday, August 6, 2007

Self Examination

On Sunday, Pastor Wesco of Fellowship Baptist Church, preached a wonderful sermon and touched on the subject of self-examination. My question to you is this:

When is the last time you laid upon your bed say maybe for a good hour and just went over the days events being very honest to yourself?

This means drowning out everything, those voices that distract---media, friends, internet (yes, I am talking to my fellow bloggers) and just laying on your bed in the quiet of the night and examining yourself and your actions for the day in light of God's Word. Not in the light of making excuses for why you reacted unbiblically, not thinking about what your friends would do, not thinking about what so-so would say on her blog but instead just what does the Lord want from me and how can I achieve this tomorrow?

Pastor Wesco also touched on knowing yourself. Do you know your weaknesses? The sin you tend to gravitate toward to in the course of the day (laziness, critical-spirit, over-eating, gossip, idolatry). Then, armed with that information we must attack it! We cannot sit idly by and coast through our Christian lives without addressing these and changing our lives for the Lord.

As we think back to great Christian men in history, those who were scourged, beheaded, tortured for defending the Truth---and here we are in the 21st century barely able to salt to the world because we cannot move past our petty sins.

I am so convicted, myself, I have a great need for self-examination. Perhaps I was too hasty in conversation, or harsh in responses. Is my spirit gentle and quiet or am I becoming loud? Have I acted out in pride--maybe in speech, tone of voice or facial expressions?

These things can be overlooked without time to reflect. Too many things can happen throughout the course of a day that we would dismiss if not making time to ponder over and reevaluate ourselves.

We will only get worse if we do not stop and put a halt to all our sinful behavior. We cannot fellowship wholeheartedly and walk rightly with our Lord because we are out of step with Him and we are neglecting of repenting of our sin.

Let's carve out some time each night to examine ourselves before the Lord and renew a right spirit before Him so we can enjoy fully and experience the love, mercy and grace of our Father and Lord.

"Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord." Lamentations 3:40


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Anna S said...

I did it two days ago and discovered a VERY serious flaw in my character which I'm determined to attack, especially as I prepare for marriage. Thank you for sharing.

Sadie said...

What a good idea, and a very needed one! Thank you for posting this, it is always helpful to be encouraged to examine oneself in the light of how God wants us to behave.


Hannah said...

Beautiful post, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Late last night and also this morning I have been pondering this also. While re-reading "The Excellent Wife", by Martha Peace today the subject happened to be the wife's heart and idols that we tend to set up or rather worship. What is it that we put before the Lord? Our family? Our home? Our ministry? Isn't it all His?? Shouldn't we be asking not my will but thy will? Not what am I going to do today but what does He desire for me to do? Am I willing to give Him my whole heart or only just pieces? This is an area that needs weeding and pruning in my own life.
Also,while reading "The Memoirs of John Bunyan",he discusses how you must be on guard even in ministry. For while doing the good work, almost immediately, pride will come.
We should always have self examination,but not a guilt trip! I find that after I notice the horrible sin in my life and I feel guilt and remorse,then I want to wallow in self pity,also a sin!! My DH always corrects me in this error and tells me to pick myself up and lay down that sin. When you ask forgiveness is He not faithful to do it? Truly Gods mercies are a wonderous thing!!

Mrs. Brigham said...

Thank you for this timely and convicting post.


Anonymous said...

I have never done that. Because ignoring my faults is much easier then to face then head on. BUT since I have been focusing on making myself a better women in the Lord's eyes this is something that I need to schedule into my day... each day.

Thank you for bringing it up because it's something I certainly need to focus on doing.

Bless you Sister,


Mrs. June Fuentes said...


I found some serious flaws in mine too. Thanks for being so honest in your comments.


Sadie & Hannah & Mrs. Brigham,

Your welcome! The Lord knew I needed this too.



I love what you wrote about John Bunyan and ministry. Yes, pride comes and comes so quickly--we must forever be checking ourselves even for the smallest hint of pride lest it manifest itself in our hearts unbeknown to us and destruction awaits for us at the door. I will be looking into this book in the near future!



Thanks for sharing with such honesty. I always appreciate honesty and transparency!

mom-2-4 said...

Dear Mrs. Fuentes,
I don't know if you'll get this or not being that the original post is a couple years old, but I have a question for you in regards to anger. I used to yell alot at my kids when I would get frustrated with them, I have gotten better because now my kids have started yelling too when they get upset. I'm wondering what you do when your kids upset you? I so want to have a quiet and gentle spirit with my kids, but my first response sometimes when they start fighting, bickering, disobeying is to yell at them to stop it. This obviously doesn't work, so I'm wondering what worked for you? Thank you,

One Christian Mom said...

I realize this is an older post, but just wanted to thank you for not only having it, but for having the links in your sidebar. Anger is something I have noticed in myself recently - and anger leads to all sorts of other stuff I need to apologize to my kids for tomorrow when they wake up! Self introspection is something that needs to be taught more often.

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