Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Do You Mind Me Asking?

Good afternoon, ladies.

I have a question for you.

                                           Have you been putting on a gentle and quiet spirit?


  1. I just posted about this very thing not too long ago. it is a daily habit I am cultivating...

  2. No. I try but I have been working on deprogramming myself from all the years in the corporate feminist power atmosphere. It's something I really need to focus on. I've been doing the Bible study "The Excellent Wife" and I am slowly learning to apply these things in my life.


  3. I've been meaning to study this topic more. I'm not sure I have a total grasp on what it means--I think I do somewhat. I certainly have seen some examples lately of women who do NOT have a gentle or quiet spirit about them and it certainly stands out in my mind! This is something I need to study more.

  4. Normally, I do put on a gentle spirit, but just this week I have not as I should. My stepson said today that I seem angrier than usual. I guess that's a clue. Between the heat, extra business work recently, and it being the anniversary of my son's death in 10 days, I have been a bit cranky. I will pray on this. Thank you so much for bringing this more to my attention.

  5. Not as much as I should be, but much better then previous weeks :) I am also learning to think before I give an answer or just keep quiet altogether.

  6. I have been struggling with this very issue and actually seeking prayer on this. I think I have started menopause. My moods have suddenly become unfamiliar to me and even though I do not feel upset, I have been snapping at home and feeling super heated over the smallest things. I am normally quite joyful but feel restless and impatient with everyone. It feels like oppression at times. I have been seeking the Lord in this and had my pastors pray over me this past Sunday. I do hope to find enough emotional space in me between any situation and my reaction so I can gather some peace and serenity in just being a child of God-
    I want my husband to feel like I am a blessing in our home. I hate to see the hurt in his face when I get snippy. I don't want to be a woman who tears down her house with her own hands.I don't want to grieve the Holy Spirit- so I pray that enlightenment is nearby. Create in me a pure heart oh Lord and give me clean hands...

  7. Oh.....I am praying for this very thing and trying so hard to do this. It is what I want most at the moment. I am trying but I don't really know how but I have been praying about it.

  8. I typically have a very "quiet and gentle spirit" by nature, and when it disappears everyone knows things are out of sorts. Especially me. It takes a lot to get me ruffled usually. And I'm going to confess I've been ruffled a lot lately. Being stressed and snappy does not feel natural to me at all and stresses me out even more. *grin

    Let's just say I'm working on it. :-)

    PS: Your blog is really nice!

  9. So, Mrs. you have any answers for us?
    How does one "put on" a gentle and quiet spirit?

  10. Dear Brenda,

    Perhaps I will do another post on this in the near future, but in the meantime look up some of my older posts under 'Gentle and Quiet Spirit' especially the post entitled 'Meekness'. I am very blessed to have seen this truly modeled in women around me, although that has not always been the case. When you do spot it though it stands out louder than any 'loud woman' could be and the beauty of that kind of a spirit is like a rare gem. One that I highly desire to emulate!

    Many blessings...


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