Monday, July 30, 2007

Enchanting Land of Twins

I am the blessed mother of two beautiful, gorgeous, big cheeked baby twin boys. I recently found a term online for them that I love:

"Twinadoes" (pronounced like tornadoes)

This truly describes these two little cuddly sweet-potatoes that run amuck barefoot all round the house these days. They just began walking a month or two ago and since then I don't think anyone in the family has been able to get any real type of rest! You put them down on the floor and before you know it---there they go running down the hall---both happily running the opposite direction of one another of course. I was telling someone the other day that a good amount of duct tape would fix that. 'Twinadoes' is the thought that describes the aftermath that is left from these adorable busy little guys once they set their paths (all my friends with twins are nodding their heads in agreement right now).

Having twins is an experience that is truly like witnessing a miracle. I can't believe how two of the most fascinating beings in my life were roommates in my womb and now are graciously blessing our home. With my twins being fraternal, I can not begin to tell you just how OPPOSITE these two could be. Here are some ways they are different:

1. They are different in skin tone. One has a very light complexion. The other has a very dark complexion.

2. One needs lots of love and attention and always wants to be held. The other will wrestle like a crocodile if you try to hold him and if you succeed it will only last for four seconds before he escapes your grip (that is after he yells at the top of his lungs and leaves you hearing impaired).

3. One is gentle and does all things in a mild manner. The other is rough and tumble.

4. One eats very quickly, the other can take up to an hour and a half.

5. When they fall down one will cry and scream bloody murder, the other will get up and keep walking to his destination.

6. One loves sleeping in the crib, the other cries hysterically if he feels any vibe that you are going near the crib to put him in it.

7. One is really easy going and forever smiles, the other is more grumpy and cries alot.

Well, that's all I can think of right now since it is late and it is mama's bedtime! It is truly a journey and an adventure to have these two special people in our lives and we would not trade them for the world.

Thank you Lord for my two little sweet potatoes---Christian Elijah and Josiah Lucas.

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Anna S said...

What a cute post! Thank you for sharing. I think having twins is something that runs in the family. In our family, it skips a generation: my grandmother's mother had a twin sister, then my grandmother gave birth to twins and my Mom had a twin brother! If it really works this way, I might have twins someday. What a special blessing it must be.

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

What a treasure this post will be to them someday.

I have three girls who have been praying for twin boys for...well...a long time.

Sunydazy said...

I was browsing your archives trying to get to know more about your lovely family when I discovered this post! I know about twinadoes!...except mine are girls.
I keep telling people that I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. But that doesn't mean they are easy to keep up with! Sometimes I am overcome with the miracle of it. I can hardly believe the amazing little bitty people they are. Sometimes I am also overcome with tiredness and a messy house...wherever they go they are able to pull things out of drawers and boxes at a rapid rate!


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