Monday, July 30, 2007


There are so many things in life that can make us discouraged.

This week was filled with many things that had me on the roller coaster of discouragement and feeling as if I could not step off it.

I think that what ever our circumstances, whoever is around us and where ever the Lord has planted us we must keep our focus.

God is sovereign and all these things are not to get us depressed, or wallowing in self-pity, or complaining or focused on self but instead God uses these times to teach us to look heavenward---to grow closer to Him. To cry out to Him. He is all that we need. Not those things we have convinced ourselves that we need.

We can fill our head with lies and use up all the energies we have being discontented. We can use drugs and alcohol to numb us of the things that hurt us or feelings that we don't want to feel. We can immerse ourselves in in different forms of escapes---here are some examples:

1. Sleep
2. Work
3. Television
4. Shopping
5. Food
6. Withdrawing from people
7. Clinging to people for comfort
8. Ministry
9. Drugs
10. Alcohol

We have to be very careful to carefully guard our thoughts and minds. Renewing our thoughts with Scripture is mandatory. Satan will very subtly sneak his way into our thought life and we must not allow Him even a foothold. We must be vigilant on meditating on the truth and being sober-minded as commanded to women in the Bible.

And remember, you are not the only one going through these types of feelings alone, there are masses that are undergoing the same things. What matter is how we handle it all and knowing the Lord has a purpose for it. To turn us closer to Him and never to rely on ourselves. We must recognize our sinful thoughts and turn away from them and replace them with the pure, refreshing, life-changing truth that only comes from above. The truth that has changed our lives and our families. The truth that has crushed the head of the serpent who wants to see us destroyed. The truth that prevails long after our lives here on earth. Praise God for His mercy and kindness towards us!


Anna S said...

Thank you for this sweet post. I needed to read something like this right now!

Mrs.B said...

This was excellent! Thank you for posting it. (o:


Nicole Spear said...

How true! How true! This entire past year I feel that I so easily get discouraged and lonely, but lo! when I begin to pour into the precious Word of God, His peace surrounds me, selfishness leaves, and only a prayer of 'Lord be glorified' is left. He knows what we need. Why do we worry so? His grace is sufficient, everyday.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great post, I was feeling discouraged but your post helped me a lot! Thank you! I was wondering if I could use this in my blog? I'll make sure to give you credit. Thank you!

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Megan,

Of course you may and thank you for visiting!

Many blessings...

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