Saturday, December 2, 2006

A Vision for Motherhood

As I walked through the halls of my church I find our family of eight
get many stares. Often times young mothers will appproach me and ask
me how I do it or how many more will we expect to have.

I know how powerful a testimony my mothering is to the world. I know that when
I kiss my little babies head and adore him before other mom's, that
is teaching them to love their children. I know when I praise my
oldest daughter for being a mother's helper that I breath my vision
of raising daughters into another woman's life.

I know that my joyful spirit can be contagious as I speak words of life about
children to the women who call their children "little brats".

Ladies, what is your vision of motherhood? Is it one that expands
down from generation to generation? Knowing that every word, tone,
act of kindness could affect a generation you will never see? Do you
know of your powerful influence to raise future pastors, leaders,
fathers, mothers for the Lord?

Look closely at your brood, you could be raising the next Billy Graham,
yes, even the one smothered in peanut butter and jelly who is trying to
choke his brother! Yes, even that one!!!!

What will they say of you when you are gone? What
legacy will you leave behind, dear mother? Let's raise the standard.

Throw out the standard of the Jones' and let Christ create for you
that wonderful vision of Motherhood~the glorious servant who touches
and reaches the world with her heart.

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Nicole Spear said...

Though the Lord has not given me children yet, I eagerly await the days when I can have several little blessings running at my feet. I so deeply share your vision, June, and am encouraged to the point of tears to hear of others shouting aloud the wonderful gift of motherhood!


Steve & June Fuentes said...

Motherhood IS a blessing and has taught me (and refined me) more than all my years of schooling...:)

Anonymous said...

Whoa... this is simply put and awesome. Thanks for the encouragement and truth!

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