Saturday, December 2, 2006

The Glory of the Home

Isn't it exciting to have another day to wake up and bless our
families? To put love into everything around you and to warm the
hearts of our beloved children?

 I am so saddened to hear of women
who neglect their homes and don't look at every act of motherhood as
a sacred moment to bestow blessings of Christ upon those whom they
cherish. The little things, ladies, it's all about the little
things! The hot cocoa on a cold day, the pat on the back, the hug
and loving smile...we have to get back to the basics!

Let us GLORY in making meals and put love into our meals!
 Let's lay out a pretty tablecloth and light those lovely candles!
Let's hold hands and pray to the Lord who has provided us all good things.
Let's look at the falling leaves together and just relish the moment...
become a child again.

Feel the wonder of childhood all over again. Let's greet our
wonderful hubbies with a big grin and kiss and speak words of life
into him when he gets home? Not used to it? Well, just shock him!

Shock him off his feet and know the Spirit is doing a mighty work in
your home life.

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