Saturday, December 2, 2006

A Lovely Spirit

The Lord is working to create that lovely spirit in our lives.
Loveliness, joy, peace, meekness, quietness...we show it in the way
we love, our body language, the song in our hearts. The loveliness
of our spirits will be passed down to our children, esp. our

 Are we careful to put our energies into our daughters and
cultivating a beautiful spirit of loveliness that is full of the
fruit of the spirit?

Do we show her how it looks and encourage her
when we see that type of beauty in her? Many times I see moms who
are too self-absorbed or spend more time mentoring/discipling their
friends instead of their very own daughters. How sad to know that I
was once in that position, not knowing any better really, because
that is what culture had taught me.

 Now the cry of my heart is my children. Let me not place any 'stranger' over them.
As God creates that lovely spirit in me I must be still to hear his voice.

 Lord, help me to hear your voice.

Help me to choose what is best and not just what is 'good'.

Thank you, Lord.

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  1. your writings are greatly appreciated. Thankyou my sister.


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