Sunday, December 3, 2006

True Worship Unto Him

I'd like to challenge you with the question: what is the state of
your heart today? Take a moment to be still and to be honest. God is
concerned with the state of our hearts before anything else. Others
cannot see our hearts, but the Lord can. We know that it is in the
heart where all sin arise. If this is true how should we be guarding,
checking and watching over it diligently?

Is our Lord pleased when we give to the poor but then treat our
families harshly at home? Do we put them second to things that are
good but not best? What does He think when we do 'good deeds to
please man and be rewarded by man while all along He sees our motives
from the very beginning?

True worship of our Lord requires daily dying to self. A constant
probing of our hearts. It is so easy to 'act' Christian in public but
what kind of servant are you in private? Let's take a closer look
into the four walls of our sacred homes.

Faithful wives, we must live our lives to serve our families at our
fullest capacity! We do this great work unto the Master, the Shepherd
of our Hearts. We have the greatest influence than you could ever
imagine to impact these souls entrusted to our care. How are we doing
at our job of nurturing them? How do you respond to your children
when you converse with them? Do you speak down to them? Let us always
exhibit a meek, gentle, quiet spirit instead of one that is rude and
critical. Jesus says that when we do thing for them it's as if we
THIS IS KINGDOM WORK! It is a holy calling to change diapers, potty
train and homeschool and we need to be reminded of this. We are not
just raising 'kids' we are raising the next generation of WARRIORS
FOR GOD! When warriors are in traing they need to see true worship
from their trainers. Hypocrisy can be spotted a mile away.

Our homes should reflect Jesus in every sense. A place of peace,
love, joy that overflows and touches everything and everyone that
draws near. This starts with our hearts. We can't do this if our
hearts are not right before Him. We must fall to our knees to the
King and ask for a cleansing and purifying that only He can do. I
urge you to cry out to Him right now.

Let us worship Him today JOYFULLY! When we grumble, He sees and know
that is NOT an act of worship. The Bibles exhorts us to worship in
spirit and in truth. To offer up our whole selves to worship Him. As
we wash the dishes, do the laundry, praise our husbands and bless our
children let us do it with JOY knowing the Lord is silently watching
and taking note. Let us look right within our four walls and see how
He is going to cultivate the heart of a servant within us and above
all PRAISE HIM for all the work He is going to do! Thank God He is
not done with us yet.

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