Saturday, December 2, 2006

The Sacred Home

I woke up this morning thinking about how much I love my children
and just how unique each of them are. I know that no one else in my
life will be with me as long as my family will be. I am so blessed
to have eight children and be able to stay home with them. Each day I think
about how I am raising up little pastors (and 'pastor dads') and that I am so
honored to imprint my influence upon my children. One day I will wake up and
be a grandmother and I get so excited inside just thinking about the
things that I could do with them, that my mother was unable to do
with me and my grandchildren. What greater vision of loveliness can
we conjure up than one of the sacred home? Where every heart is
warmed by the loving tones of a calm voice. Where a baby makes his
first smile as mama cradles him and sings him a love song from her
heart. Where every look is one of acceptance and encouragement. And
words are overflowing of future and present blessing! Can we not
look behind the curtains and peak into the heavenly realms and see
Our Father and angels rejoicing as we partake in His love for our
families? There is nothing more beautiful in this world than a
mother loving her children with joy. Nothing more beautiful than
seeing a mother kiss her newborn babe and children join around her
to show their gentleness in celebration. Let everyday at our sacred
home be a day of celebration. We cannot forget to cherish and relish
those precious moments and dancing with our little ones. To just
truly laugh and enjoy the moments that race by us day by day. To
make time go slower in our homes where we have control; a safe and
protected place for our families so that the imprint of Christ is
everlasting upon their lives. Yes, mothers, that is what we will
leave as we share the classroom of our hearts with our dear young ones.
The imprint of Christ that can never be stolen.

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