Sunday, December 3, 2006

The Relaxed Mom

How are we doing in our sacred homes today? I thought I would share
some thoughts...

What do our days look like? Are we a culture of Christian moms who
mirror the world around us? Have we packed our schedules with many
non-essentials that have us stressed-out, irritated and easily

Just say no. Say no to those unnecessary outside activities that
steal from our peace and free time. Say no to peers and protect your
homes, time with the Lord, dh's and children.Say no to
yourselves...oftentimes we can be our own worst enemies by trying to
take on too much. How will we make our homes a haven if we are never
there and when we are present we display for others frayed nerves and
a rattled spirit?

I honestly believe that us women put ourselves in unnecessary bondage
as we allow ourselves to be spread too thin and it's all by our OWN
accord. I do believe that we must engage with the Lord in prayer
moment by moment to see what His desires would be. In this we find
freedom to be the relaxed mother. The relaxed mother who is exuding
peace and love and radiates a gentle and quiet spirit. Does this
describe you today, dear mother? Sometimes I can look into the eyes
of a mother and see anything but. Many times I see a discontented,
unhappy look. We do not have to live life with the mentality of "just
getting through the day". Jesus desires so much more for us. Our
mothering can be abundant and overflowing if we are willing.

Let's change our mentality right now. This begins with our hearts. We
must renew our ungodly thinking with scripture. We must banish self-
centered thoughts that revolve around ourselves and our happiness and
replace it with the thoughts of the Great Servant, Jesus. The Bible
says that raising children is our good deeds. Well, how well are we
doing that? Are we grumbling as we change diapers or serve a child a
drink of water? The Lord says we serve Him when we do those things.
THAT is our worship. He doesn't accept grumbling, angry worship, does
he? He is pleased as we do these things with a serving spirit knowing
it is for the Lord. Almost in vain we sweetly do 'good works'
or 'ministry' outside our home and come home and treat it's members
wretchedly. The Lord is watching. Especially in our sacred homes
where the TRUE test of character takes place. When no one is looking.

So ladies, think twice today as you make that dinner, do the laundry,
or as you answer your children. It all has eternal value. You are
doing KINGDOM WORK in one of it's highest capacities. This holy work
of your hands will reach generations you will never see. Do not grow
weary, but receive your stength from the Lord.The world will mock you
and try to tear you to shreds, but remain firm on our Rock. The Lord
is by your side and is pleased.

(Written in 2004)

1 comment:

Help meet said...

I found your sight through the Making Home blog sight. Your comments on being a relaxed mom really spoke to me. I love being home as a wife and mother, and to be reminded that it is the most important thing I could be doing is encouraging and convicting.

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