Saturday, December 2, 2006

Blessed Motherhood

Today I awoke and saw the most beautiful little body cupped into
mine. His soft, round face and gentle breathing sent my mind into a
peaceful calm. His hair so soft and new. To think he trusts and
relies on me for everything. That all the things he would be exposed
to in my home would from the classroom of my heart. That if I didn't
tuck him in, stroke his back or kiss his little forehead, who on
earth would do it? The songs I sing when I see his little face light
up with joy bring euphoria to my heart! How sad to think so many
children never even got a sad to think that all those
little things mean so much and yet there are so many needy to
receive. As I look around my home I know there is much to do, but it
is not as important as my little ones. What memories will I bring to
their lives? I think of how I talk on the phone with my mother and
how after all these years the powerful influence her words have over
me. How I still need the love of her and my mother so much even
though they are still not together anymore. How those little actions
and words mean so much to me and that is what matters when I die.
When I am gone what will they say as they look over my casket? What
words of regret or of love will they have for me? Lord, I know I
cannot do this mighty work myself. Help me to be a mom with a heart
like yours....

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