Saturday, December 2, 2006

Mothers Are Servants

Good morning to all! What a gorgeous day it is when we can rise up
and serve our families for the Lord! As I go about my day the Lord
is cultivating in my heart a spirit of servanthood! How is he doing
that you ask? Well, as I get up and prepare my heart first of all. I
usually like to jump in the shower and there I begin to pray. I ask
the Lord to prepare my heart for the day ahead (not just
to "survive", mind you, but "flourish"!) and to do all things
(voice, countenance, actions) to serve Him and give Him glory.
 As I serve my little ones breakfast, I know that it is as if I were
serving Christ attitudes towards his blessings
constantly have to be checked because I must have a heart of
HUMILITY otherwise I will become impatient, testy and a poor witness
for my Master. He, in His Loving Kindness uses the four walls of my
home to refine me. Ladies, we are being REFINED!!!! ALLLELLLUUUJAH!!!
He loves us enough to refine us!!!! We are so NOT worthy...let us
serve Him w/our whole hearts full of joy and anticipation of what
each day will bring...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a blessed thought!! I want to make sure my family feels loved, respected, and welcome in my home at all prayer will turn to asking God to show me moments when I can serve them correctly! Thanks for this post!!

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