Saturday, December 2, 2006

Gentle and Quiet Spirit

I am so blessed to have seen 'gentle and quiet spirits' modeled in
my life. I have to say though, that they are truly few and far
between. I am struck at the silent power that a 'gentle and quiet'
spirit has. Much, much more than a woman who is being loud,
boisterous and demanding her own way.

 The simple beauty I cannot
describe because it is truly from God. I pray that God would
constantly develop this fruit in me for it something I so deeply
desire. Have you contrasted the differences of women who have this
spirit and those that do not?

Ladies, as daughters of the King, we
are set apart and must not look or act like the world. The things we
hold in high regard we should remember not to "cast our pearls to
the pigs". We should always look to our ways, starting from the
inside out.

 Let us strive for a higher standard of speech, dress,
love, joy , refinement, faith and so forth! Our Father will be

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1 comment:

joy said...

God has really been impressing on me this "gentle quiet" spirit you speak about. It's how I came across your site, seeking and searching for what it really means. I used to have such a spirit. Somehow I let the worries of the world cover it up but I'm determined to get it back. I want so much to be pleasing to my Lord, in all I say and in all I do.

Thank you for posting this! I've already passed along your site to another...

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