Monday, August 12, 2019

Homeschool Planners & Which is My Favorite

How can it be mid-August already?

I was strolling through the stores yesterday and saw fall decor and winter clothing out. One store had their Christmas items out near the front of the store...😱

But it's all good, because we've got this, right? We are ready and planning for an incredible new school year and that can only begin with God and an awesome planner. Right, gals?

So today I wanted to share about my favorite homeschool planner.

It is the The Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas!

Why do I love it? It is big, it has space, it is clean. It has pretty colors. It actually even helps me think (can I say that?). They have some just for teachers too!

Here is a peek on the inside:

Just between me and you--I even use it for blogging! I cannot imagine functioning without it.

What is even more awesome about it is that you can add pages, book markers, folders, stickers, add additional pages like for budgeting or notes, and a ton of other accessories if you like to pretty it up and make it super functional. They have a ton HERE or you could even just hit your local JoAnn's store and they've got a ton too. I just recently learned about these and I am in love.

They have a BIG Happy planner, a Classic Happy Planner, and a Mini Happy planner  to suit whatever size you like. I like having a big and classic size on hand. You can find them HERE.

Here are some helpful videos to show you how it all works.

Now, if you are looking for something a little different I am also adding a few others that you might find in interest in.

The Well Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Mama Planner 

Black and White Teacher Lesson Planner 

Plan With Faith Homeschool Planner

The A+ Homeschool Planner

Floral Teacher Planner

Prepare to Be Schooled Lesson Planner

And if you just like to work with a basic planner, Dayspring has released some brand new pretty ones to pick from! 

You can find tons more HERE.

Which one is your favorite?

Share in the comments below, ladies!

Note: This post contains affiliate links--thanks for your support!

1 comment:

Kristy said...

I've been using The Well Planned Day for the past few years—we have 4 kids, so it gives me a line per child per subject per day. It makes it easy to see we are getting a good balance each week. I plan each kiddo by the week (my older two get full lists that they then plan their days as they see fit, while my younger two are given assignments for each day). Then I record what was actually done in my planner as it is finished, as there is not much room for changes.

This year we started the high school four year planner. One week in, so far, so good, but of course the verdict is still out!


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